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File:Tobias MM1 trading card front and back.jpgFile:Tobias and another hawk flying The Encounter Japanese illustration.jpgFile:Tobias animorphs alliance handbook bio.jpg
File:Tobias anistamper bag front.jpgFile:Tobias antioch tassled bookmark make the change book 3.jpgFile:Tobias as human on cover of 2000 calendar.jpg
File:Tobias bio from animorphs gameboy booklet.jpgFile:Tobias both new and old cover models on books 23 and 43.jpgFile:Tobias carrying trout the encounter japanese illustration.jpg
File:Tobias flying as a hawk The Encounter Japanese illustration.jpgFile:Tobias hawk glider top view animorphs kfc toy.jpgFile:Tobias in Ket Halpak Morph.jpg
File:Tobias licensee cartoon tobiclr.jpgFile:Tobias morph.jpgFile:Tobias morphed as dude cat string book 1 the invasion japanese illustration.jpg
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File:Transformers ad from book 28 cassie wolf jake bear.jpgFile:Transformers ad from book 36 tobias hawk marco beetle.jpgFile:Transformers cassie wolf on card front.JPG
File:Transformers deluxe tobias hawk on card front.jpgFile:Transformers human ax panther on card back.jpgFile:Transformers human ax panther on card with translation front.JPG
File:Transformers jake grizzly bear on card with translation front.JPGFile:Transformers jake stingray on card english front.JPGFile:Transformers jake stingray on card with translation front.JPG
File:Transformers jake tiger on card front.jpgFile:Transformers marco beetle scarabee on card back.jpgFile:Transformers marco beetle scarabee on card front.jpg
File:Transformers marco gorilla on card front.jpgFile:Transformers mega ax scorpion in box back.JPGFile:Transformers mega ax scorpion in box front.JPG
File:Transformers mega tobias hawk in box back.jpgFile:Transformers mega tobias hawk in box front.JPGFile:Transformers mega visser three inferno creature in box back.jpg
File:Transformers mega visser three inferno creature in box front.JPGFile:Transformers rachel lion on card front.jpgFile:Transformers super tri rex box front and back.jpg
File:Transformers taxxon alien on card english front.JPGFile:Transformers tri rex box front.jpgFile:Travel game dice and game pieces.jpg
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File:Vhs limited edition poster jake bio shawn ashmore.jpgFile:Vhs limited edition poster marco bio boris cabrera.jpgFile:Vhs limited edition poster rachel bio brooke nevin.jpg
File:Vhs limited edition poster tobias bio christopher ralph.jpgFile:Vietnamese books 27-36.jpgFile:Vietnamese books 38-51.jpg
File:Vietnamese books 52-54 + specials.jpgFile:Visser1ishavingnoneofthistv.pngFile:Visser3horkbajir.gif
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File:Visser Three2.PNGFile:Visser Three bio from animorphs gameboy booklet.jpgFile:Visser Three eight headed creature invasion game card.jpg
File:Visser Three from Know the Secret Game.jpgFile:Visser Three licensee illustration eight headed creature.jpgFile:Visser Three pawn in small stand animorphs invasion game.jpg
File:Visser Vietnamese covers Bộ đặc biệt VI and VII .jpgFile:Visser as Victor Trent.jpgFile:Visser back cover.jpg
File:Visser chronicles ad from inside Book 33.jpgFile:Visser chronicles back cover hardback no dust jacket.jpgFile:Visser chronicles front cover hardback no dust jacket.jpg
File:Visser cover hi res.jpgFile:Visser flipbook.gifFile:Visser iron on transfer back.jpg
File:Visser iron on transfer scan.jpgFile:Visser three book 37 inside cover.jpgFile:Visser three creature thing for eight animorphs invasion game piece final.jpg
File:Visser three mega package art andalite form.jpgFile:Visser three mega transformer inferno beast back package.jpgFile:Visser three mega transformer inferno beast front package.jpg
File:Visser three ultra hork bajir inferno outside packaging.jpgFile:Visser three ultra inferno beast hork bajir in box back.JPGFile:Vybor book 13 the change russian cover.jpg
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File:Yeerk Pool Ship licensee illustration poolclr.jpgFile:Yeerk animorphs gameboy color game.pngFile:Yeerk bio from animorphs gameboy booklet.jpg
File:Yeerk blade ship from journal.pngFile:Yeerk bug fighter ship from journal.pngFile:Yeerk dancing animation.gif
File:Yeerk from Hawk Rescue game.pngFile:Yeerk from aliens poster hi res.jpgFile:Yeerk from book 29 cover.png
File:Yeerk licensee illustration.JPGFile:Yeerk pool game top left stats showing lives keys gorillas.pngFile:Yeerk pool ship from journal.png
File:Yeerk pool ship squirter pizza hut toy bottom view.jpgFile:Yeerk pool ship squirter pizza hut toy in packaging.jpgFile:Yeerk pool ship squirter pizza hut toy side 1.jpg
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