The BeginningThe CaptureThe Capture (episode)
The ChangeThe ConspiracyThe Continuem Crystal
The DeceptionThe DecisionThe Departure
The DiscoveryThe DiversionThe Elfangor
The Ellimist ChroniclesThe EncounterThe Escape
The Escape (episode)The ExperimentThe Exposed
The ExtremeThe FamiliarThe First Journey
The FiveThe ForgottenThe Forgotten (episode)
The FrontThe GardensThe Hidden
The Hork-Bajir ChroniclesThe IllusionThe Informer
The InvasionThe Invasion Game (Board Game)The Journey
The LeaderThe Living HiveThe Message
The Message (episode)The MutationThe Next Passage
The OneThe OtherThe Predator
The PretenderThe ProphecyThe Proposal
The RachelThe ReactionThe Reaction (episode)
The ReleaseThe ResistanceThe Return
The ReunionThe RevelationThe Sacrifice
The SecretThe SeparationThe Sharing
The Sharing's Community CenterThe SicknessThe Solution
The StrangerThe Stranger (episode)The Suspicion
The TestThe ThreatThe Ultimate
The UndergroundThe UnexpectedThe Unknown
The VisitorThe WarningThe Weakness
Thought-speakTime MatrixTimmy
TobiasTobias (Human Morph)Tobias (episode)
Toby HameeTom's YeerkTom Berenson
TriciaTruck shipUnderground (episode)
Underground Chee ParkUnemiteUninet
Unit 0Unnamed Creature with Eight Heads and Eight LegsUnnamed Skrit Na Captain
Untouched WildsUnusable MorphsVISSER
VanarxVecolVegemorphs: The Fungus Among Us (Book)
Vegemorphs (Arthur)VeleekVenbea
VenberVisserVisser Four
Visser OneVisser TwoWalter
War-PrinceWarriorWeb Access America
WhaleWildlife Rehabilitation ClinicWilliam Roger Tennant
WolfWolf SpiderYami
YamphutYeerkYeerk Empire
Yeerk Peace MovementYeerk PoolYeerk Pool (game)
Yeerk homeworldYeerk languageYeerk–Andalite–Earth Universe
YouZ-spaceZ-space transponder
Zone 91
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