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File:Cassie bio from animorphs gameboy booklet.jpgFile:Cassie book 34 morph.pngFile:Cassie book 39 morph cover.png
File:Cassie dolphin completed jigsaw puzzle fw.jpgFile:Cassie from mm2 inside cover and sanctuary screensaver.jpgFile:Cassie helping ax.png
File:Cassie hi res.pngFile:Cassie hiding from tom tv.pngFile:Cassie in Illim Morph.jpg
File:Cassie licensee cartoon cassclr.JPGFile:Cassie morph card only from the invasion game.jpgFile:Cassie morphed as squirrel dodging a fox The Message Japanese illustration.jpg
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File:David picture.pngFile:Disney Adventures March 1999 ask liz animorphs movie.jpgFile:Disney Adventures November 1998 Taco Bell toys small ad.jpg
File:Disney Adventures Sept 1999 animorphs Q&A KA Applegate.jpgFile:Disney Adventures Sept 1999 cootie catcher book 31.jpgFile:Disney Adventures mini book with 1998 issue in australia.jpg
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File:Elfangor eye closeup andalite chron.jpgFile:Elfangor face headshot hi res color.jpgFile:Elfangor fully body hi res.jpg
File:Elfangor ship a.jpgFile:Elfangor ship b.jpgFile:Elfangor ship c.jpg
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File:Ellimist Chronicles ad from inside book 47.jpgFile:Ellimist inside cover.jpgFile:EmilyEllet.jpg
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File:Erek king winning entry.pngFile:Escafil Device.gifFile:Escafil device.png
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File:Fluffer McKitty comforting Melissa Chapman The Visitor Japanese illustration.jpgFile:Fluffer McKitty from The Visitor inside cover hi res.jpgFile:Fluffer McKitty in cat carrier The Visitor Japanese illustration.jpg
File:Fluffer McKitty on a ledge The Visitor Japanese illustration.jpgFile:Four large and one small stand Animorphs Invasion game.jpg.jpgFile:French VHS Volume 1 cover.jpg
File:French VHS Volume 2 cover.jpgFile:French VHS Volume 3 cover.jpgFile:French VHS Volume 4 cover.jpg
File:French VHS Volume 5 cover.jpgFile:French VHS Volume 6 cover.jpgFile:FullGame.jpg
File:Gameboy animorphs cassie demorphs.gifFile:Gedd from Animorphs Hork Bajir Chronicles.pngFile:Gedd from Animorphs Shattered Reality.jpg
File:Getmorphed.jpgFile:Giant merchandising shirt tag.jpgFile:Giant squid book 27 cover morph.png
File:Hammerhead shark from escape book 15 cover morph.pngFile:Hand picks up marco as lobster The Predator Japanese illustration.jpgFile:Happymorph.jpeg
File:Hawk rescue Level 1 scene with yeerks.pngFile:Hawk rescue Level 1 watch out for yeerks.pngFile:Hawk rescue Level 1 you found key prepare level 2.png
File:Hawk rescue Level 2 scene with yeerks and taxxons.pngFile:Hawk rescue Level 2 watch out for yeerks and taxxons.pngFile:Hawk rescue Level 2 you found key prepare for level 3.png
File:Hawk rescue Level 3 scene with yeerks taxxons hork bajir.pngFile:Hawk rescue Level 3 watch out for yeerk taxxon hork bajir.pngFile:Hawk rescue Level 3 you found key prepare for level 4.png
File:Hawk rescue Level 4 watch out for yeerk taxxon hork bajir blade ship.pngFile:Hawk rescue Level 4 you found last key made it to yeerk pool.pngFile:Hawk rescue intro screen instructions.png
File:Hawk rescue oops you ran out of power youll have to start level again.pngFile:Hawk rescue password correct unlocking cell.pngFile:Hawk rescue uncramble the word WOLF.png
File:Hawk rescue unscramble the word TICK.pngFile:Helmacron.jpgFile:Helmacrons close up book 24 inside cover.jpg
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