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Lobster from animorphs 5 the predator

Marco in lobster morph

"So exactly why was I spending my time morphing to lobster in order to crawl along the bottom of my swimming pool? I hadn't done the lobster morph in a long, long time. It seemed like a million years ago I'd used it to escape the Yeerks by hiding in a grocery store's fresh fish tank. The days, man. Those were the days."

Lobsters are large marine crustaceans native to Earth. The American lobster, the heaviest crustacean and living arthropod on Earth, was acquired by Jake, Marco and Ax.


"It was a big lobster tank, fortunately. I hoisted myself up the side and climbed in. Jake was right behind me. We each grabbed a lobster and threw one to Ax. It was not easy "acquiring" the lobster. It took concentration. And all I could think was that there were an awful lot of cops outside the store, probably getting ready to rush in. And they would all have guns. The lobster went limp and passive, the way animals do when you acquire them."

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Marco Lobster Morph

Marco morphing into an American lobster

"Some reason why you're morphing to lobster?"
"Ummmm... I dropped my keys down in the pool? I was going to go get them?"
"Well, then it's a good thing you have the ability to turn into a lobster, because otherwise, what would you do? I mean, normal people, they drop their keys in the pool, they're just totally helpless. Those keys stay down there. Forever."
Jake and Marco[src]

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