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This page details the minor-role humans from the Animorphs series.



The "Barry" of The Barry and Cindy Sue Show. His name and job are a reference to Regis Philbin of Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Only appears in #12 The Reaction.

Bart Jacobs[]

Bart Jacobs appears in #12 The Reaction as a guest on the Barry and Cindy Sue Show. He is an animal trainer who brings his animals on the set. His name and occupation are likely a reference to Steve Irwin, the real-life "crocodile hunter", or Jack Hanna, who is known to bring live animals onto a talk show stage at times.

Bobby McIntire[]

Bobby McIntire was a young boy who appeared in #43 The Test. He is deaf, and in the book, Tobias finds him lost in the woods, and helps a search party rescue Bobby.


Captain Olston[]

Captain Olston is the head commander of the National Guard detachment around the Animorphs hiding location. In #52 The Sacrifice, the Animorphs decide to blow up the Yeerk pool, so they send the adults in as lost campers to distract the Guard while the rest of them invade warehouses of explosives to steal. When they are stopped, Jake introduces himself, and states that he needs explosives. Olston is reluctant. Rachel's lawyer mother, Naomi, introduces herself as well, and Olston thanks her once again for defending his son, who was wrongfully accused of a car theft. If he had not been cleared, Olston would likely have left the service in order to continue the case. Naomi stands firmly behind her nephew Jake, and Olston concedes. He later escorts the trucks full of explosives into town.

Carla Belnikoff[]

Carla Belnikoff is a well-known gymnastics coach in the state where Rachel's dad Dan was relocated to as a news anchor. She takes in "three or four" professional-level gymnastics students every year, and past students of hers have won "two gold medals and a bunch of silver ones." She is mentioned in #7 The Stranger by Rachel's dad as a possible teacher if she chooses to move with him.

In the TV series (episode 12), she is referred to as "Carla Velnakoff".

The Carpenters[]

Richard, Lewis, and Emily Carpenter are three campers whom the Animorphs meet in the novel #47 The Resistance in the Hork-Bajir valley. Richard is the father, while Lewis and Emily are his two kids. They are avid Star Trek fans. In that book, the Yeerks capture a free Hork-Bajir. Although the Animorphs want the other Hork-Bajir to evacuate, they want to stay and fight. Tobias conducts aerial reconnaissance and finds three campers. Jake and Tobias attempt to frighten them off, but they do not believe it, so they tell them the truth. The Carpenters are then only too eager to help the "good aliens" against the "bad aliens".

However, Richard did not quite understand what Jake meant, and thought that "killed" meant "stunned" or temporarily paralyzed or captured (despite Jake's warning about "spilled guts, severed limbs, and psychological horror"). When he found out, he wanted to leave, but Lewis wanted to stay and fight. The Animorphs could not let him go anyway because the battle was about to begin. The Animorphs stage a successful defense and force the Yeerks to retreat before evacuating the valley. Tragically, during the intense fighting, Richard is killed. Emily and Lewis' fates after they are evacuated are unknown.

Chester's Friend[]

Chester's friend (who wears a baseball cap), appear in the first two chapters of The Visitor. Chester shoots at Rachel, Tobias, and Jake when they are in bird-of-prey morphs for fun while his friend is drinking a beer. The three Animorphs attack the two young men as they sit in the bed of their pickup truck. Rachel swipes Chester's rifle, and Marco steals the other's beer can.

In the graphic novel, the friend is drinking soda rather than beer, and they later appear on a street as Rachel passes by.

Cindy Sue[]

The "Cindy" of The Barry and Cindy Sue Show. Her name and job are a reference to Kathie Lee Gifford of Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Only appears in #12 The Reaction.



Davis was a man in the 1930s at Princeton University who appeared in Elfangor's Secret. He called Cassie the n-word. Cassie, having just experienced Jake and Rachel's deaths (temporary, but unknown to her at the time), focused her anger on Davis. She said "You don't like black people, Mr. Davis? No problem. I can turn white. Watch me." She morphs into a polar bear, pins him to a wall, and roars in his face.

He has two friends named Friedman and "Blue Eyes".


Mr. DeGroot (pronounced 'de-groat' and rhymes with 'boat') is Elfangor's (Alan Fangor) lawyer. Although the Ellimist had erased all traces of Elfangor and Alan Fangor's existence on Earth, he was able to leave a final testament. DeGroot found the letter, and brought Tobias in, as it stated that it would be read on his birthday. However, it is revealed that DeGroot is a Controller, and that Visser Three is using the letter to try to trap Tobias (although the letter is genuine). Appears in #23 The Pretender

  • Ingrid is DeGroot's secretary, who lets Tobias into the office and later brings him a Coke at DeGroot's request.


Derek is an Esquimau/Eskimo teenager who lives in the Arctic where the Animorphs visit for a mission in #25 The Extreme. He believes that the Animorphs are special spirits; thus, the Animorphs feel friendly and do not try to hide anything. He helped the Animorphs acquire "Nanook" the Polar Bear for a cold-weather morph. He trades fur pelts and likes Star Trek. Marco says Derek has "a large, round face, with slightly slanted black eyes", and tough thick skin.

Doctor Kaehler[]

Dr. Kaehler was the head doctor in charge of overseeing Saddler's condition in the children's hospital in #22 The Solution. He shows disbelief when "Saddler" suddenly makes a full recovery after being badly injured in a bike/car crash where death was probable. He explains how the elevator "jammed" when the two doctors were taking Saddler to the operating room and were "knocked out". When they woke up, the elevator was working again and "Saddler" was fully healthy by the time they had rushed him to the operating room. "Saddler" was actually David in morph, and no one except Jake and Rachel suspect this.



Coach Ellway oversaw Rachel and Melissa Chapman's gymnastics class at the YMCA in The Visitor.



Farrand (first name unknown) was a character in #9 The Secret. His job was the third person on a three-person committee that was to vote on whether to allow the logging job of the Dapsen Logging Company (controlled by Yeerks) to continue.

Frank Hallowell[]

Frank is the owner of Frank's Safari Land and Putt-Putt Golf, a dodgy roadside zoo/amusement park, which Rachel describes as "one of those crappy roadside zoo things." He keeps his animals in small cages and feeds them poorly. One day, a man comes by who says he found a strange creature (Bek) "wandering around the side of the highway." Frank pays $50 for Bek and keeps him in a cage. At "Aria's" suggestion, he changes the sign outside his business from "All New! Deadly Midget Freak! The Living Razor!" to advertising "the first ever actual space alien," which attracts many more customers. The Animorphs, along with Toby Hamee and the free Hork-Bajir, raid the mini park to rescue Bek. Appears in #23 The Pretender.


Gary Kozlar[]

Gary Kozlar is a scientist working at an observatory on the coastline near the Animorphs' city. His Yeerk is Eslin 359, and his first and only appearance is in #8 The Alien.


George is Saddler's father, and by relation an uncle to Jake and Rachel. His wife is Ellen, and either he or Ellen is a sibling of Steve or Dan Berenson. He is also the father of Forrest. Appears in #22 The Solution

Mr. Grant[]

An office worker who appears only in #30 The Reunion. Marco describes him as "stocky" and "well-dressed", and he uses Mr. Grant to get inside the Sutherland Tower by acquiring his DNA to put him in a trance. The security officer tells Marco (thinking that Mr. Grant is Marco's father) that Mr. Grant is very important. Later, Marco finds he must morph Mr. Grant to avoid detection in an upstairs office. Marco discovers Mr. Grant's receding hairline, pale blotches on his knuckles, a light beard close to forming, and a double chin. Mr. Grant is about the same height as Marco, which isn't as high as Marco's other friends. Two of Mr. Grant's coworkers are an unnamed woman and Carlos.


Instant messaging individuals[]

The following people appeared in #16 The Warning, as members of a chat room on a secret website dedicated to Yeerks. Listed in order of appearance.

  • YeerKiller9 - Claims he was once a host to a Yeerk, and that he escaped "by a miracle". He only speaks twice in the chat room while the Animorphs watch.
  • GoVikes - Marco calls him "your standard chat room moron", also a "jerk" and an "idiot." He repeatedly talks about chopping Yeerks up ("If you just cut them in half they just grow again") and comparing them to worms and snails without shells.
  • Chazz - Chazz appears to be more knowledgeable about the Yeerks than the other people in the chat room, and he wants to use the chat room to actually take action against the Yeerks, instead of just talking about them. He rebukes YrkH8er when he tells CDKsweet that The Sharing is a Yeerk front organization. He also warns Gump8293 to not talk to his father about his suspicions that he may be a controller.
  • YrkH8er - The Animorphs identify YrkH8er as a Controller early on in the conversation they view. He periodically yells out "Kill all Yeerks!", but defends The Sharing, comparing it to the Boy Scouts. He also ecourages Gump8293 to talk to his father and "tell him what you think." By hacking, Ax and Marco later determine that the real name he uses for his Web Access America account is Edward Cheltingham. When Cassie looked up the name in the phone book, she found two female "Cheltingham"s, but no Edward, leading them to believe the name (and address) may be fake.
  • Gump8293 - A nine-year-old boy whose father is a human-Controller. He tells how his dad seems "[nice] in some ways, but... too nice." His father recently "got all these new friends", and he also hears them whispering about a Visser. He mishears the word and MegMom corrects him. Through Ax and Marco's hacking, the Animorphs find his address, and at the end of the book, Cassie speaks to him as a wolf (at his school during recess, skipping her class), sadly telling him he can never fully trust his father.
  • CKDsweet - An out-of-town chatter who inquires about The Sharing. He suspects they may all be Yeerks, which is confirmed by Chazz. He only speaks once in the book.
  • Carlito - Also speaking only once, Carlito hypthesizes about the Yeerks' 3-day feeding cycle, theorizing that they must go someplace secret to "feed or replenish".
  • MegMom - MegMom is knowledgeable, nice, and from out-of-town. She corrects Gump8293's spelling of "Visser", and suspects that it may be a rank "like a general or something." She also warns Gump8293 against talking to his father. She appears to trust Fitey777 as a reliable source of information, saying "Good, Fitey's here," when he enters the chat room.
  • Fitey777 - The intelligence of the chat room community, he often brings in new information on suspected Controllers/known Yeerks. On the day the Animorphs watch, he reports on Charles J. Sofor, "the deputy police chief in the capital." He also says he is "close to getting the location of a Yeerk feeding area." In reality, he is actually Joe Bob Fenestre/Esplin 9466 Lesser, using his presence on the chat rooms and ability to find identities (as owner of WAA) to lure in human-Controllers so he can kill them and eat the (powdered) Yeerk inside.
  • Bball24 - Jake's username. In Jake's best-ever game of basketball, he scored 24 points.
  • Cassie98 - The username that Marco uses to tease Jake with.
  • PrtyGirl802 - At first, Marco thinks that this user is his "online girlfriend", sending him flirty e-mails and IMs. Through the hacking that he and Ax do, he finds out that he/she is actually a 73-year-old retired postal worker.


Rich Huntley[]

Rich Huntley is the first ever voluntary Yeerk host, at one of the early meetings of the Sharing. In VISSER, when Edriss 562 (in Lore David Altman) asked him why he wanted to join the Inner-Sharing, he said it was because he really believed in all the things he/she was saying; because he wanted to be part of something big and important. Edriss gives him Essam 293, and makes history. She uses this example of the first voluntary human host to convince the Council of Thirteen that slow infiltration is possible. Edriss and Essam later "dispose of" Rich after they finish recording his infestation to show to the Council.

Rick Stathis[]

Rick Stathis, brawny with pale blue eyes, appears in a flashback of Tobias's in #33 The Illusion. He was a bully to Tobias, who waited for him at the top of a hill in the winter wearing a "heavy black coat." On one occasion, Rick also beat up Tobias against a school locker.


Sally Forensik[]

Sally Forensik first appears in #17 The Underground unnamed. While Rachel is in the Yeerk Pool complex pretending to be a Human-Controller, she and Rachel have a short conversation about how Visser Three will soon "take care of" the Andalite scum. Sally's Yeerk then makes an excuse for leaving that her host is a judge and that she has to prepare for an important case, but Rachel knows she just wants to avoid the visser.

Sally Forensik appears again in #37 The Weakness. Here, Rachel describes her as a "distinguished-looking older woman". The Animorphs break into her courtroom and cause mayhem, and Sally hides under her big maple-wood desk, cowering and bawling in fear.


Minor characters whom the Animorphs go to school with:

  • Allison - Rachel and Cassie know red-haired Allison, who voices her intent to ask Jake to the upcoming dance. When Rachel tells them that Jake is already taking Cassie to the dance (something she made up then and there), Allison and Brittany point out that Jake (and Marco) is on the other side of the cafeteria, and question Rachel (ignoring Cassie) as to if Jake really asked Cassie out. Later, at the dance, she stares at Ax in his human morph, and asks to dance with him, but Ax scares her away by playing with the sound that the word "body" makes. Appears in #29 The Sickness.
  • Bailey - A minor character in the beginning of #32 The Separation. Rachel is not sure if Bailey is his first or last name, but he tries to make conversation with her before she drives him off so she can morph a starfish to retrieve her earring.
  • Beth - A girl that Jake knows; she has braces, and she was at the school assembly in #26 The Attack when the Ellimist froze time to talk to the Animorphs. He took the image of Beth and used her for the majority of his appearance in the auditorium.
  • Brittany - Allison's friend who urges her to go out with Jake. Appears in #29 The Sickness and #33 The Illusion.
  • Charles and Jawan - Two boys who, while familiar with Rachel, mistakenly call Cassie "Carla" and "Kendra" respectively in #14 The Unknown.
  • Dahlia - In #32 The Separation, Dahlia asks Nice Rachel (due to a starfish-related split) if she's okay, but Nice Rachel's overly submissive and passive (nice) attitude lead Dahlia to believe Rachel is being sarcastic, saying "You were always stuck-up, Rachel, but lately you're just this total, like, witch." Nice Rachel is deeply hurt by this.
  • Danielle - Works out a lot and is "very strong", according to Marco. She misunderstands Marco's compliment and thinks he meant that she looks like a boy. Appears in #20 The Discovery
  • Darlene - A popular and wealthy girl at the Animorphs' school. In The Andalite's Gift, she invites Jake and Cassie to her pool party, while Marco and Ax sneak in as mice to cause mayhem.
  • Drake and Woo - Two bullies who are divers on the school's swim team. Drake is better than Woo, who has "the I.Q. of cheese," according to Marco. Appear in #15 The Escape
  • Elizabeth - In #32 The Separation, Elizabeth sees Nice Rachel on the bus after the beach field trip and comments on Rachel's "cute sweater". Nice Rachel responds pleasantly, saying she got it at Abercrombie for $27.95, marked down from $42.50. Elizabeth asks if Rachel is going to the mall after school, but Nice Rachel gets lost in her thoughts (narrating to the reader), causing her to forget the question. Elizabeth then says "Forget it."
  • Ellen and Kara - Friends of Darlene who are dismissive of Marco in The Andalite's Gift.
  • Hans - A boy at the Animorphs' school and a friend of Darlene. When Marco and Ax are chasing Darlene in The Andalite's Gift, he tells her to run towards him, with the intent of stepping on the mice.
  • Jessica - A girl that Rachel and Marco are familiar with. According to Marco, she "thinks she's tough" and "probably outweighs Rachel by fifty pounds". In #5 The Predator, Jessica knocks a fork out of Rachel's hand into her tray. Rachel gets mad at her, and Marco tries to break them up, which sends all three of them to Chapman's office.
  • Joe - A friend of Cassie's who had once gone horse riding with her. He has trouble recognizing her new outfit in #14 The Unknown.
  • Juan and Terry - Two boys from Jake's gym class who play basketball against him in #6 The Capture. Juan made the basketball team when Jake didn't, despite "look(ing) like he's made of straws" and being "about five-eleven and weighs like ten pounds".
  • Justin Mullins - A boy that Danielle likes, who was named after a real-life Animorphs fan. Appears in #20 The Discovery.
  • Marian - An attractive girl that Marco gets a date with in #25 The Extreme. She has "long, black hair, deep, dark eyes, and dimples." She is impressed with Marco's apparent knowledge of classical music, and asks him out to the Symphony Hall concert after their music appreciation class. One of the pieces that is played at the concert is Beethoven's Third. Tobias, Ax, and the other Animorphs watch her for three days and determine that she isn't a Controller. Unfortunately, Marco falls asleep at the concert, and she leaves along with everyone else without him.
  • T. T. - Appears in #27 The Exposed. Rachel thinks he is cute, and he is taller than her, with blue eyes (like her) and dimples (unlike her). Rachel considers going out on a date with him, as it would be a nice change from having a hawk for a boyfriend, but she denies him before giving it a second thought.
  • Tracy - One of Darlene's friends. At the pool party in The Andalite's Gift, she and Darlene are afraid of Marco and Ax as mice.
  • T'Shondra - A "beautiful girl" with a "beautiful name," according to Marco. She misunderstands Marco, thinking he meant that she wasn't beautiful enough for her name. Appears in #20 The Discovery.

Doctors Sinegert and Singh[]

Visser Three's "two devoted scientists". They are not very large for humans, and when Tobias sees them in #33 The Illusion, they look "haggard, like they hadn't slept in days." It is possible that their "day jobs" are true doctors/scientists, but Visser Three also made them work on the Anti-Morphing Ray during their off-time, leaving them no rest. Due to their "failure" at the AMR not working (Tobias was already demorphed as a hawk, so it didn't affect him), Visser Three has both of them thrown to the Taxxons to be eaten. In reality, their work was likely perfect and the AMR would have worked if directed on a morphed individual.

Steve's Associates[]

  • Pete and Dominick - Two of Steve's friends who come over to his house in #11 The Forgotten to watch boxing on pay-per-view for $40. Steve looks forward to spending "quality time" with his sons, and one of the things he likes to do is watch sports events on TV.
  • Joe Johnson - Steve's (and the family's) insurance agent, likely of car insurance if not also home and/or life. Mentioned in #31 The Conspiracy.
  • Jeannie and Mary Anne - Two of Steve's coworkers at the doctor's office where he works. Also mentioned in #31 The Conspiracy.


Mentioned in #27 The Exposed. The Chee suspect he may be a Controller, and he is known to engage in illegal drug fencing in an abandoned building where Lourdes is hiding. When the police (and the Animorphs) raid the building, Rachel discovers that he is a Controller, as he aimed a gun at her as an elephant and uttered "Andalite!". After shooting her, she throws him out into the street, where the cops identify him as Strake.



A known human-Controller host. He appears in #33 The Illusion. Jake says that Tasset works in a sporting goods store, and was identified as a Controller at the Yeerk pool. The Animorphs use Tasset to find their way into a new pool entrance built into the playground at the new Sharing-financed community center.


Minor teachers at the Animorphs' school:

  • Mr. Feyroyan - Tobias's old English teacher, though young of age, from before Tobias "dropped out". Tobias runs past him in #33 The Illusion during the school dance, but he does not recognize Tobias until later. Tobias escapes outside to demorph, and Mr. Feyroyan tries following him. Tobias explains in narration that Mr. Feyroyan was "one of the few friends" he had in school, a "dreamer", and Tobias had always thought that he "was like an older" version of himself.
  • Mr. Halloram - A teacher that saw Rachel and Jessica (and Marco, though he was trying to separate them) fighting/scuffling in the lunchroom in #5 The Predator.
  • Ms. Paloma is a history/social studies teacher at the Animorphs' school. Rachel and Cassie are both students in her class. In #7 The Stranger, she teaches about how the United States made World War II worse because it was so devoted to peace. "Maybe if the United States had been ready to fight earlier, the war would have ended earlier and fewer people would have been killed," she said. When Cassie questions why one cannot second-guess history (if one could go back and change things so that "the U.S. was ready to fight earlier"), Ms. Paloma responds by saying that events are "intertwined in ways we cannot see." She uses a metaphor of a butterfly beating its wings and causing a wind on the other side of the globe; how a small thing may make a bigger change elsewhere and/or later. In the alternate future presented to the Animorphs by the Ellimist (where the Yeerks have won), Rachel wonders if a skeleton she sees lying across a desk in their destroyed school are the remains of Ms. Paloma.
  • Mr. Pardue is a teacher at the Animorphs' school, who appears in #8 The Alien. He is Jake's English or History teacher, but when his Yeerk starts to die from Kandrona starvation (as a result of the local Kandrona being destroyed by the Animorphs in #7 The Stranger), he acts out in class, yelling for the Yeerk to get out of him and generally scaring his students. Jake rushes to his side to privately comfort him, but then Chapman walks in the room and orders all of the students out. When the students, including Jake and Ax, are in the hallway, Chapman quietly kills both Mr. Pardue and his Yeerk with a Killing cylinder.


Tony, who appears in the David trilogy, is the White House Chief of Protocol. (This job could also be the White House Chief of Staff or the Chief of Protocol of the United States.) He is inside Marine One when the Blade Ship, cloaked, stuns those inside and has a holographic helicopter take its place. Visser Three acquires Tony's DNA while he is unconscious, and appears as Tony to change the plans for the G8 banquet at the Marriott hotel, planning to have the world leaders walk past a holographic pillar with a small Yeerk pool inside, as they make their way to the stage to speak. The real Tony is presumably kept hidden during this time.

  • Sheila is another staff member of the White House that Tony knows. Visser Three, as Tony, speaks to her and another male staff member while Jake listens in under the table they're at.


Torelli is in charge of Zone 91 (the Animorphs' version of Area 51) in #14 The Unknown. Cassie, Rachel and Marco give him fake names and phone numbers when they are captured, and then escape as insects, leaving Torelli bewildered and furious. Although Zone 91 contains proof of alien existence, the sole exhibit is an obsolete Andalite Toilet.

They later encounter him at The Gardens during an attempt by Yeerks to infest the staff of Zone 91, and are forced to rescue him from Hork-Bajir (Torelli is unconscious at the time, so has no memory of the incident).


A kid from #12 The Reaction that Rachel rescues after he falls into the crocodile pit at The Gardens.

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