This is a list of minor Andalites from the Animorphs series.

Breeyar[edit | edit source]

A Prince, Breeyar commands of the Andalite fighter contingent stationed on the StarSword. Prince Breeyar is not as cold nor as arrogant as other Andalite Princes.

Calarass[edit | edit source]

A fighter pilot on board the Intrepid.

Caysath-Winwall-Esgarrouth[edit | edit source]

A Prince under the command of Captain-Prince Asculan on the Dome Ship Elfangor.

Coaldwin-Ashul-Tahaylik[edit | edit source]

The ship's physician aboard the Andalite assault cruiser Ascalin, he was fascinated by the strange biological make-up of the other five Animorphs.

Escafil[edit | edit source]

The inventor of the morphing technology.

Feyorn[edit | edit source]

Captain Feyorn is the captain of the space ship StarSword.

Ithileran-Halas-Corain[edit | edit source]

Assistant to the head of Interplanetary Communications. The first Andalite that Ax communicated with after becoming stranded on Earth.

Jaham-Estalan-Forlan[edit | edit source]

Prince in charge of the Andalite military. Secretly communicates with Ax in The Sacrifice and instructs Ax to prevent the Animorphs' efforts to defeat the Yeerks on Earth.

Nescord[edit | edit source]

Prince Nescord is the Tactical Officer (T.O.) on the StarSword.

Offeran-Jibril-Castant[edit | edit source]

Officer on the Dome Ship Elfangor.

Salawan[edit | edit source]

An official legal observer at the trial of Visser One (the former Visser Three).

Seerian[edit | edit source]

A warrior based from the StarSword.

Warlatan[edit | edit source]

A pilot on board the Intrepid.

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