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Animorphs merchandise was produced from a variety of companies, mainly in 1998-2000. In general, games, puzzles, and stationery started being released in 1998, transformers started being released in 1999, and the three video games were produced in 2000. 

Calendars and Planners[]

Animorphs 1999 calendar cover

1999 Calendar

Produced by Scholastic, two calendars and one planner for the 1999-2000 school year.

Video Games[]

Animorphs for Gameboy Color

All released in fall 2000.

Games and Puzzles[]

4228 B Animorphs All Four Jigsaw Puzzles Catalog Promo Image

Stock photo of all four puzzles - Cassie, Rachel, Jake, and Marco.


Jake Kite packaging (left) and Tobias kite packaging (right)
  • Animorphs Fast Food Merchandise - 20 total toys, released by Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut in 1998, and 5 more toys by Taco Bell in 1999.
  • Animorphs: Transformers - released in 1999 by Hasbro, these toys transformed from human to midmorph stage to animal. 8 Deluxe, 3 Mega, 1 Ultra, and 1 Super (Tri-Rex) were released in the US, and two more Deluxe were released in Europe.
  • Animorphs Kites - two kites (Jake and Tobias) were released in 1999 by Spectra Star, a division of Toy Biz. Sold in K-mart.

Book Clubs and Promotional[]

  • Animorphs Promotional Items - Items such as bookmarks, iron-on transfer decals, stickers, postcards, posters, keychains and trading cards were either attached inside/on the book, or were handed out in bookstores when the book was released.
  • Italian Animorphs Books - all 52 of these came with stickers or transfers.
  • Animorphs Alliance Book Club - After the introductory pack, which included 3 books, a newsletter, a handbook, a poster, bookends, and a pendant, subscribers were sent 3 books and a new newsletter every month until it ended.
  • Animorphs Sanctuary Book Club - After the introductory pack, which included a small poster, a passport, a necklace, and a newsletter, 3 more newsletters were sent via either mail or email to subscribers, and contained a password which would allow access to special parts of the official web site.
  • Nickelodeon Magazine - had several advertisements and articles about Animorphs.
  • Disney Adventures Magazine - had several advertisements and articles about Animorphs
  • Scholastic Book Orders - you could order Animorphs books and some merchandise through these order forms which were sent to students at schools.

TV Show[]

  • Animorphs VHS Tapes - four were released in the US, 7 were released in Australia. The UK, France, and Sweden also released VHS tapes in their respective languages.
  • Meet the Stars of Animorphs - a book which included interviews with the TV show actors, and information about the show.

Stationery and Office[]

Animorphs school folders all 9 stock photos

Stock photos of all nine folders

  • Antioch Animorphs Products - Antioch (now Trends International) produced many stationery items such as bookmarks, Wallet cards, Journals, magnets, stickers, bookplates, book covers, and gift sets.
  • Animorphs School Folders - Plymouth, Inc. released 9 folders in 1999. Four of these had a lenticular card on the front. Sold in Office Depot.
  • Animorphs Party Supplies - released by Hallmark in 1998.
  • Greeting Cards and Stickers - also released by Hallmark
  • Animorphs Peanut Crunch Tin - released by Cherrydale Farms in 1999.


All four American Needle Animorphs baseball caps hats

All four hats (front)

Licensees for which no pictures are available[]


  • AME: Boxer shorts
  • Berkshire Fashions, Inc: Hosiery, knit accessories
  • Holiday Fair: Backpacks, book bags, wallets
  • Jay Franco & Sons, Inc: Beach towels
  • Springs Industries, Inc: Bedding
  • SRM: Electronic toys
  • Promotional pencil bag for Australians
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