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Rachel lion animorphs tv show promo image brooke nevin

Rachel morphing into a lion in the TV series

"You see all these lions on TV, in movies, in commercials or whatever, and they're often tame and kind of sweet. Or you see them lying around with their paws in the air, sleeping in the shade on the savanna. But you need to realize something. The reason lions have lots of time to sleep is that they are very, very effective killers. They don't need to expend a lot of energy, because as long as there is prey, they'll eat just fine."

The lion is a large cat native to Earth. It was the main battle morph for David and James and was also Rachel's battle morph in the TV series, while a lioness was used by an Auxiliary Animorph and at least two morph-capable Yeerks/human-Controllers.


"Cassie had helped him to acquire a combat morph. He'd chosen a male lion. As I watched, I saw the bushy mane sprout from around his neck."

David acquired a male lion from The Gardens in The Discovery, with the help of Cassie.[1] Nearly two years later, a male lion at The Gardens was acquired by James in The Ultimate.[2] At least one Auxiliary Animorph acquired a lioness,[3] along with two Yeerks/human-Controllers.[4]


Used by David[]

"You never answered me, Jake. Lion versus tiger. Who do you think will win?"
"Let's find out."
David and Jake[src]

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Used by James[]

"James's choice of battle morph was an ironic one. Though when he'd chosen a male lion, he had no idea David, the ill-fated Animorph, had chosen the same. Jake is not superstitious. Ignoring our meaningful looks, he'd said nothing. Except, "Good choice, James." Now, watching the lion's wild golden mane emerge from James's own thick golden hair, the morph seemed somehow appropriate."

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TV Series[]

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Known Morphers[]