"It was a bizarre morph. Like nothing on Earth, that's for sure. It looked like a vast, bright yellow stingray. Like a living pancake, flat and oblong. It sort of flew through the water by slowly flapping its sides. There were two stalk-mounted eyes on top, and two long, trailing antennae below. All along its back it had spears. They were lined up flat. You know a fighter jet has missiles tucked up under the wings? That's how it held the spears, only they were on top. But all neatly in a row, facing forward. The spears – there must have been twenty of them – were each as long a broom handle and just about as thick. They had irregular striping, yellow and green and bits of blue. It was probably camouflage back on the home planet of the Lebtin javelin fish. But here, in Earth's oceans, it seemed gaudy and too bright. "

A Lebtin javelin fish is an aquatic creature that is well known to, though not often seen by Andalites. It looks like a vast, bright yellow stingray, mostly flat and oblong with two stalk-mounted eyes and two trailing antennae on its underside. It has a row of about twenty spears all along the top of its wings, which it uses to fire at predators or prey. The spears are as long and as thick as a broom with irregular striping; yellow and green with bits of blue. It shoots the spears from its mouth by first rolling a spear into a flap and then swelling up with water, like a pufferfish, and suddenly ejecting the water out to create momentum for the spear. Visser Three acquires and morphs this aquatic beast The Reaction.


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