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Sentient; Avian;

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The Ellimist Chronicles

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The Ellimist Chronicles

"We are of the skies! We do not crawl. We do not walk. We are born to a life in the skies!"

The Ketrans were a race of small, winged aliens almost completely wiped out by Capasins.



The Ketrans were an avian race of winged beings. Ketrans have four wings, two arms, docking talons, and two pod-like feet. Ketrans also have four eyes that range in colors (like pink, magenta, aqua, black, etc). These colors are similar to the colors described in their home crystals, and there may be some undefined correlation.

Ket's surface is volcanic terrain. Ketrans themselves, actually lived on giant crystal structures that floated above this surface. Each Ketran was stationed at a particular location of each crystal and these thousands of flapping wings allowed for the crystals to fly. Each crystal is similar to a city/state with specific customs and culture, acting as a home to several thousand Ketrans.


"The evolution of my people is obscure. (Interesting how it is often easy to understand the evolution of an entirely different species, and yet be confused by one's own) Our scientists are confident that at one time we did inhabit the surface of our world, or at least its less sulphurous seas, but at some point the symbiosis of Ketran and crystal was formed and we simply grew together. Now of course, and for at least the last two million years, we have maintained our symbiosis with the crystals. The age of my own home crystal — the Equatorial High Crystal has been convincingly established as 1.4 million years. Of course that's half the age of the Seed Crystal, making the EHC one of the newer fully formed crystals. The term symbiosis isn't exactly accurate. We are living and the crystal is not, though it's hard not to fall into a certain romanticism and imagine that it does have something very much like life. What is sure is that we cannot survive without the crystal, from which we derive our sustenance. And it is just as sure that though the crystals can grow without our help, they cannot survive intact long enough to become as vast as they are. The estimates are that a crystal above half a mile in average circumference will crash. The atmospheric pressures and internal buoyancies will lose the battle to gravity at that point. Certainly the seventy-nine mile circumference of the Seed Crystal is a result of Ketran symbiosis. How would the great crystals continue to float if not for the lift supplied by hundreds of thousands of Ketran wings?"

Ketran society is composed of many occupations such as biologists, technicians, analysts, physicists, astronomers, and theoreticians. Numerous Ketrans were involved in video games. In one particular game, the player would choose a species and make small changes to the planet and to the genetic structure, biology, etc. of the species and see what the outcome was in centuries or eons. Two opponents could each make respective changes and see which species survived and which did not, and why.

Eventually a race called the Capasins came and killed nearly all the Ketrans. This was because the game was broadcast throughout space, much in the same way that humans broadcast messages about their society via radio waves. The Capasins, who had no concept of games, believed that the Ketrans callously played with the lives of real species and needed to be stopped.

The last Ketrans escaped in an experimental spacecraft. While in space they spent the next several decades searching for a planet to call their new home. The Ketrans eventually came to a moon covered almost entirely with water, which they believed could have been favourable save for some vital characteristics that needed to be discerned. As they came closer to the surface of the water in an effort to probe the moon, their craft was seized by the tentacle of a creature whose tentacled body covered the entire surface of the moon. It pulled the ship into the water, and all aboard the ship perished, save one Ketran named Toomin.

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