Biographical information
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Born c.1983-1987
Died 2000
Affiliation Auxiliary Animorphs
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Ultimate
Last appearance The Answer
Cause Death by Dracon beam during Yeerk battle
"That's Kelly. She's got cystic fibrosis. It makes her so weak sometimes, she can barely shuffle the cards. We play a lot when she feels strong."
Collette to Jake, Cassie and Marco[src]

Kelly was a young girl with cystic fibrosis recruited to be one of the first four Auxiliary Animorphs.


The Auxiliary Animorphs

"Kelly helped Marco clear a path through looming Taxxons. Horns punctured their bag-like bodies, sending the foul contents spilling to the ground. Bulk and muscle shoved the remains out of our path."

When the Animorphs began looking for new members, they met first met Kelly, Collette and Timmy. After a rude reception, Collette was the first to open up to Jake, Cassie and Marco.

After Marco, Cassie and Jake explained everything about the Yeerk invasion of Earth to James, they attempted to convince him by morphing. After James was convince, Timmy, Kelly and Collette were brought in as the first four Auxiliary Animorphs. Timmy and Kelly insisted on the others demonstrating several morphs. They all morphed pigeons and traveled together to The Gardens to acquire battle morphs. Unfortunately, Kelly was not healed by the morphing process.

During the Auxiliary Animorphs first battle, Kelly tried out her bull morph.[1] She easily took out several Hork-Bajir-Controllers and a couple of Taxxons before being hit in the shoulder by a Dracon beam shot by Tom. The wound was deep and near fatal, but with help from Cassie and Marco, Kelly was able to demorph while everyone else was distracted with the melee between Jake and Visser One. Marco while in gorilla morph got her to safety, and she survived.


"I felt sick inside. I should do something. I should stop this. That was the auxiliary Animorphs down there on the ground dying. Burning."

Kelly, along with the rest of the Auxiliary Animorphs, died in the final battle against the Yeerks' Pool ship. They had sacrificed their lives to assist Sam Doubleday's ground force as the original Animorphs invaded the Pool ship. Jake heard Visser One gleefully order the Pool ship's gunners to kill any animals in the fight below, until the gunners report none are left.[2]


"He may not be a pro, but everybody deserves a shot."
"Yeah and some people deserve to be shot."
Collette and Kelly[src]

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Morph Book Acquired
Pigeon The Ultimate


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  2. The Answer, pp. 133-137
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