"I flew high above the scene, floating on my six pairs of wings. I was in morph. A four-legged, two-armed Andalite transformed into a twelve-winged kafit bird."

The kafit bird is one of only three species of birds that lives on the Andalite homeworld, and it is considered the best of the three. It has twelve wings and a razor-sharp beak, which it uses to spear tree-dwelling creatures. It's fast, accurate, and deadly to small creatures. Arisths often morph this bird for fun, even though morphing for pleasure is discouraged. The kafit bird is a typical morph for Andalites because they generally don't acquire many morphs, unlike the Animorphs or Visser Three.


"You have to morph the djabala in order to pass the morphing proficiency test. So I did. But then, like a lot of arisths, I morphed a kafit bird. I have heard that some planets have many types of bird. But since we only have three, and since the kafit is the best species of the three, it's popular with young cadets looking for fun."


"There was no way I could defeat six Hork-Bajir warriors. I was exhausted, on the edge of collapse. But there was one last desperate hope. The kafit bird. Once you do a morph, the DNA stays with you. Once you've morphed a creature, you can morph it again. And I needed wings as much as I'd needed my tail."


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