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Katherine Alice Applegate
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July 19, 1956


Michael Grant (spouse),
Clara (daughter),
Julia (daughter),





Behind the scenes

Katherine Alice Applegate (K. A. Applegate) is the creator and co-author of the Animorphs series.

Q&As about Animorphs[]

  • May 1997 - Online Event with K.A. Applegate [1]
  • October 21, 1997 - Barnes and Noble hosted an AOL chat with Applegate [2]
  • December 1-12, 1997 - Online Event with KA Applegate, posted on the scholastic website[3]
  • December 1997 issue - Nickelodeon Magazine interviews K.A. Applegate (see picture below)
  • 1997-1998 - Applegate answered fan questions on the fan site [4]
  • June 1998 - September 2000 - Due to legal reasons, Applegate ceased answering questions on and started to answer fan questions on a monthly basis on the scholastic web site, under the heading "According to K.A.". [5]
  • May 1999 - Scholastic Chat [6]
  • June 1999 - the back page of Book 31 The Conspiracy included a Q&A with Applegate
  • December 18, 1999 - KA spoke to fans in her first-ever video webcast.[7][8] - the first time she would be seen on video.
  • Toward the end of the series in 2001 - as part of the Animorphs Xtreme marketing campaign, According to K.A. was taken over by Yeerks and promoted The Sharing.[9]
  • April 28, 2011 - Reddit IAmA Q&A [10]
  • May 2011 - 5 questions with K.A. Applegate (video) [11]

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  • Her name was printed as "K. A. Applegate" because the publisher was afraid boys would not want to read a book written by a woman. For similar reasons, Joanne Rowling used J. K. Rowling as her nom de plume.
  • Applegate has stated "My [Daughter] was born premature in April of 1997 and spent 3 weeks in Neonatal Intensive Care. ...I remember sitting in a dark, abandoned lobby at the Minneapolis Children's Hospital every night, typing away at four in the morning on Animorphs, as exhausted and worried as I could be. After that, all the books were dedicated to Michael and [Clara]."
  • In 1998, she owned two cats: Rabbit, a sweet black Manx, and Dick, an evil foot-biting cat.[12]
  • According to PR Newswire, until her first-ever video webcast on December 18, 1999, Applegate "has basically communicated with her fans only through a handful of telephone and email interviews (USA Today, NPR, Nickelodeon Magazine, Everworld Web site, etc.), a couple of online chats, and in email-like letters featured in the "According to K.A. Applegate" question-and-answer area on the Animorphs Web site." At that time she had never before given an in-person interview or been seen by her fans on video.[13]



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