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"Saddler has three siblings: Justin, Brooke, and Forrest."

Justin is Saddler's brother, and Jake and Rachel's cousin.


Early Life[]

Justin is the son of Ellen and George, and brother of Saddler, Brooke and Forrest and the cousin of Tom, Jake, Rachel, Jordan and Sara.

Saddler's Death[]

One day while riding his bike, Saddler was hit by a car and severely injured. He was rushed to the local hospital, but later he was transferred to an intensive care unit in a children's hospital in the Animorphs home town. Justin and his all stayed with Jake's family during this time.[1]

When David acquired the dying Saddler and morphed into him with the hopes of assuming his life, Justin among others were amazed and overjoyed by the apparent miraculous recovery. Unfortunately the joy was short lived as Saddler's injured body was eventually found a few days after the Animorphs trapped David in rat morph.[2]