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This unnamed junior high school was the middle school in California attended by the human Animorphs before they moved on to high school. Hedrick Chapman served as the school's vice principal.


This junior high school, situated in California,[2] was a local middle school in the Animorphs' hometown, where Hedrick Chapman served as the assistant principal, also known as vice principal.[3] In 1995,[4] the Yeerk Empire began their invasion of Earth out of this city in California,[5] and constructed a Yeerk Pool underneath half of the city and added a handful of secret entrances. The junior high school was also given a secret entrance,[3] most likely due to Chapman being the host of Iniss 226, a relatively high-ranking Yeerk,[6] as well as the fact that Controllers could enter the building when it was empty after hours and access the pool unobserved. The secret entrance was hidden behind a retractable wall in the janitor's closet, which opened if one turned the faucet to the left and then twisted a hook to the right.[3]

Tom Berenson attended this school in the 1990s and was known for being a legend on the basketball team before moving on to high school.[3] By 1997,[7] Tom's younger brother Jake, who was thirteen at the time,[8] attended the school, along with his cousin Rachel, his best friend Marco, and his crush Cassie, who was Rachel's best friend.[3] Chapman's daugher Melissa also attended the school, and served as Rachel's other best friend.[6] A student named Tobias also transferred to the school in 1997, where he was excessively bullied[9] and earned the sympathy of an English teacher named Feyroyan.[10] During one of his math classes, Marco decided to secretly listen to his CD player in class, hiding the earphone under his long hair. However, he started singing along to his music, which resulted in him being caught and sent to the assistant principal's office, where Chapman gave him detention.[6]

On a Friday in 1997, Jake tried out for the school's basketball team, wanting to earn Tom's former position, but failed to make the team. Later that night, Jake, along with Rachel, Tobias, Marco and Cassie, were informed of the Yeerk invasion and were given the power to morph. The following Monday, Jake skipped his first period English class, as well many of his other classes, and spent his time morphed as a green anole lizard, wandering the school in order to locate Chapman's office and spy on him. Chapman instead led Jake to the janitor's closet, revealing one of the entrances to the Yeerk Pool to the team, who began to refer to themselves as Animorphs. Later that night, the Animorphs broke into the school through an unlocked window in the science lab and witnessed as police-Controllers dragged Cassie through the closet. After checking that the hallway was clear, the Animorphs entered the pool through the janitor's closet entrance. After their battle at the Yeerk Pool, the Animorphs, minus Tobias, escaped the pool through the same passageway, along with a woman whom they saved. As the woman fled, the Animorphs demorphed and left the school to return home.[3] As the Yeerks had noticed that the Animorphs, whom they believed were "Andalite bandits", had escaped through the school's janitor closet passageway, they proceeded to permanently seal it off.[6]

A little over a week later, Jake and Rachel shared a bus to school. Upon arriving, Rachel noticed many students milling about on the grounds. Noticing that Melissa was crying, Rachel approached her former friend and asked her what was going on. Melissa questioned why Rachel cared, and began talking about how everything had changed, including her friendship with Rachel and her parents until she was interrupted by the bell. Rachel watched as Melissa walked away and eventually made her way inside the school building when she accidentally walked right into Chapman. The next day, the Animorphs attended school, where Rachel got a C in her math class. Upon leaving class, Jake told her to fly to a church clock tower where they were having a meeting later. Two hours later, school let out and Rachel morphed into a bald eagle; she soared above the school buildings before flying away.[6]

A short while later, on a Tuesday, the Animorphs attended school and were given a paper to write by Ms. Lambert, which was due on Thursday. As school let out for the day, Jake, Rachel, Marco and Cassie exited the school separately, as Marco believed it would be bad security if they were all constantly spotted together. The four then got on their respective school buses.[11]

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