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"I never gave up, see. I fought him. All night I'd keep it up. Keep it up in his head."
―John Berryman to the Animorphs[src]

John Berryman was an actor and the host body of the Yeerk formerly known as Visser Four. After an adventure with the Time Matrix, the Animorphs wiped him out of existence by going back in time and preventing his parents from meeting, thus eliminating his conception.


Infested by the former Visser Four

"The Time Matrix."
"What? That's a myth! No such device ever existed."
"Oh, it existed. It exists. It was found by a lowly human-Controller, who uses the name John Berryman. He's an actor. Not a very successful one. A lowly Controller whose Yeerk was, until he lost the battle for Leera, none other than Visser Four."
―The Drode and Ax[src]

At some point in time, John Berryman discovered the Time Matrix buried at the Abandoned Construction Site. Some time after that, he was infested by the Yeerk formerly known as Visser Four, who had been demoted for failing to conquer Leera for the Yeerk Empire. Once in possession of Berryman's body, the Yeerk discovered that his host body was in possession of the Time Matrix and attempted to use it to rewrite Earth's history in order to facilitate his conquest and become the new Visser One.[2]

Travel Through Time

"Don't know how you did it. Following him through time. He was trying to change the world. Bitter, very bitter. Change time, make humans weaker, easier to conquer, then replace Visser Three. But it was too complicated for him. He didn't realize. Landed here. Expected Nazis. Told the Germans this was the main invasion, rushed the tanks forward. Only... different Germans. They arrested him. Too complicated, see?"
―John Berryman to the Animorphs[src]

Using Berryman's body, Visser Four traveled through time for two days, severely altering the timeline. Berryman, an actor by trade, decided to fight back against his Yeerk by quoting Shakespeare's Henry V. Unable to decipher where Shakespeare would be due to inconclusive data, Visser Four decided to use the Time Matrix to travel to the Battle of Agincourt, which took place in 1415, and kill Henry V to prevent Shakespeare from writing the play. However, his attempt to fire an arrow at the king was thwarted when Tobias snagged the arrow out of mid-air. Now aware that the "Andalite bandits" were chasing him, the former Visser attempted to rush through his plans, jumping from destination to destination, before meeting his downfall in 1944 at Normandy, France, during D-Day.[2]

Wiped from Existence

"I could feel my friends draw back from me. Cassie, the killer with a conscience, the Drode had sneered. Kill 'em and then cry over them. I wasn't going to kill John Berryman. John Berryman would never exist."

With Berryman's body crushed at the waist down, paralyzing him, the Yeerk escapes his body, although Tobias spots it and Marco throws it into a burning tank. Berryman relishes his freedom, although he realizes that he is going to die. He praises the Animorphs, whom he discovers are just human children for the most part, for fighting against the Yeerk Empire. The Animorphs discuss how to erase the timeline in order to bring Jake back to life, and Ax responds that they would have to prevent Berryman from locating the Time Matrix to undo the altered events. Cassie then asks Berryman when and where his parents met, much to the shock of the Animorphs and Berryman, who realizes that he is about to be wiped from existence. Berryman accepts his fate, informing Cassie that his parents met at a certain location in San Francisco in 1967. The Animorphs travel to San Francisco in 1967, appearing in front of two hippies, one of whom is Theresa Knowlton, Berryman's mother. By distracting her, they prevent her from meeting Berryman's father and thus prevent Berryman's conception. With Berryman effectively wiped out of existence, the timeline is changed, with the Time Matrix still remaining buried and undiscovered while the demoted Visser is given another host body. The timeline's erasure resurrects Jake, and the Animorphs retain their memories of the altered timeline.[2]



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