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"Joey is the biggest con artist. He's always trying to get extra fish."
"He's amazing."
"Yes, he is. [...] Hey, you guys want to feed them a little? [...] Just don't let Joey get it all. He's kind of pushy."
Eileen and Cassie[src]

Joey is a bottlenose dolphin at The Gardens.


"He flew straight up out of the water, like a sleek, pale gray torpedo. Eleven feet long from nose to tail. Four hundred pounds. He simply flew into the air, seemed to hang there, ten feet above the surface of the water, took a skeptical look at us, gave us his permanent wise-guy grin, and slid back beneath the water so smoothly that there was barely a ripple."

In 1997,[1] Joey was one of six bottlenose dolphins at The Gardens[2] in California,[3] and performed in many of the dolphins shows along with his trainer, Eileen. Joey received a reputation of being very pushy for fish. On a Thursday afternoon, he performed a show, after which he was admired by the Animorphs, one of whom may have acquired him. A few days later, he was in his dolphin tank at night when Cassie entered the tank and morphed into a dolphin to play with them.[2]




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