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"They're going to have weapons, too. But you have to fight them. You have to fight them and you have to win."
"But we don't know how to fight!"
Cassie and Jessie[src]

Jessie was a girl recruited to be one of the Auxiliary Animorphs.


Auxiliary Animorph

Joining the War

"Slowly our team formed a line. Grizzly. Gorilla. Tiger. Andalite. Hawk. Wolf. Then James's team. Lion. Crocodile. Bobcat. Bull. Then Craig's team. And Erica's. Slowly the visser's attention was caught. Maybe I imagined the look of fear that flitted across his enigmatic Andalite face as he surveyed our forces. Maybe not. But for the first time since this war had begun, it looked like a fair fight."

When the Animorphs began looking for new members, Jessie was one of the recruits selected by James. Her disease, condition or reason for being in the children's hospital is unknown, but she was not healed by the morphing process.


"I felt sick inside. I should do something. I should stop this. That was the auxiliary Animorphs down there on the ground dying. Burning."

Jessie, along with the other Auxiliary Animorphs, were killed in the final battle against the Yeerks' Pool ship. They had sacrificed their lives to assist Sam Doubleday's ground force as the original Animorphs invaded the Pool ship. Jake heard Visser One gleefully order the Pool ship's gunners to kill any animals in the fight below, until the gunners report none are left.[3]


Morph Book Acquired
Red-Tailed Hawk (Tobias) The Ultimate


  • Jessie is the only individual specifically named to be in Erica's squad.[4]


  1. Jessie was between the ages of 13-17 when she was recruited in 2000
  2. Murdered by the Pool ship's Dracon cannons during the final battle
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  4. The Ultimate, p. 112
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