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"I guess he betrayed me personally, too. In a way. Not that he knew me. There were probably a million girls like me with crushes on him. I know what you're thinking. Rachel has a crush? Rachel? The person Marco calls Xena: Warrior Princess? Well, what can I say? Cute is cute. And cuteness is a very powerful force. And he was the cutest of all cute guys that ever showed a dimple."

Jeremy Jason McCole was a teen heartthrob, and the lead young actor on the hit show Power House. He was briefly turned into Controller as a means to recruit female children and teeangers to enter full membership at The Sharing and become hosts.


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  • Jeremy Jason McCole, star of Power House, is based off of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, star of Home Improvement.
    • Power House might also be a reference in name to Full House.
  • He has two sisters named Jessica and Madison.
  • In the TV series, his name was changed to Jason Jon McCole.
  • He was born in Altoona, Pennsylvania.