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"Perhaps someday I could introduce you to my cousin Michelle. She likes short men. Even as short as you."
"Ah. Beautiful and mean. I like you."
―Jeanne and Marco[src]

Jeanne Gerard is a French Deuxième Bureau trainee and a student in Jake's morphing classes.


Morphing Classes[]

"I decided to take two of them, Sergeant Santorelli, a U.S. Army Ranger who was five years older than me, and a French Deuxieme Bureau trainee named Jeanne Gerard. I chose them both on the strength of their lack of any close family. I could have had more, but I felt six people was the right number. It had worked before. Unfortunately, Jeanne was beautiful. A problem I should have foreseen."

Jeanne and Santorelli were both recruited and tasked with the mission to save Ax somewhere in Kelbrid space. Both were chosen by Jake for their strength and lack of any close family.

Joining Jake's Mission[]

"You know, I could be kind of a mentor to you. If we worked closely together I could teach you all I know."
"But what could I possibly do to repay you?"
Marco and Jeanne[src]

Along with Jake, Marco, Tobias, Menderash and Santorelli, she helped steal the Yeerk prototype ship, christened The Rachel, and sent off for Kelbrid space.


  • Jeanne is said to be a member of the French Deuxième Bureau, a French intelligence agency. However, the Deuxième Bureau became defunct in 1940.