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"In a lot of ways being a kid is worse than being an adult. You have the same things to deal with: friends, temptations, love and hate, and all that. Only you don't have the two great weapons that adults have to help them."
―Jean to Jake[src]

Jean Berenson is a writer, the mother of Tom and Jake, and the wife of Steve Berenson.


Family Life[]

"You know, when I was your age and feeling upset, my mother, your gram, would always just say, 'You don't know what unhappy is, you're just a kid.' Like anything a kid would feel would be less difficult or painful than what an adult would feel."
"That's probably true."
"No, it isn't."
―Jean and Jake[src]

Jean is the granddaughter of Grandpa G, a World War II veteran. She has siblings.[1] Growing up, whenever she was upset, her mother would always tell her that she had no idea what unhappiness was since she was a child, a sentiment she disagreed with.[2] In her adult life, Jean became a writer[3] and married a pediatrician[1] named Dr. Steve Berenson[4] with whom she had two sons, Tom and Jake.[3] The family lived in a nice neighborhood[5] in California[6] where they raised their children Jewish.

One Saturday morning in 1997,[7] she let a boy named Tobias into her house after he stated he was Jake's friend. She then led him up to Jake's room before knocking on her son's door to wake her up. When Jake let Tobias enter his room, Tobias thanked Jean before went back downstairs. She then put a waffle in the toaster before engaging in a phone call. Two days later, on Monday evening, Jean enjoyed a chicken cacciatore dinner with her family, where she asked Jake where he had been all afternoon and evening. After he replied that he had been hanging out with Marco, she accepted his answer and reminded him to eat his broccoli.[3]

Saddler's Death[]

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Grandpa G's Death[]

"I mean, I've seen my mom sniffle at Save the Children infomercials and Hallmark cards, but I can't remember the last time I ever saw her really cry. But she was crying now. Something must have happened to Tom. Or to my dad."

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"Jake's parents, Jean and Steve, didn't make it out in time. Their chances of escape were slim from the beginning. See, Jake's older brother, Tom, has been a human-Controller since the early days of the invasion. Even with the enemy under his own roof, Jake had managed to protect his parents from the Yeerks. And from their own son, their own first child. Because Tom wouldn't have hesitated to kill either one of his parents if the Yeerk mission required their deaths. Jake had done an almost superhuman job of protecting his parents. Both from death and a fate worse than death. Infestation. Until the last time. When the Yeerks finally took them."

After the Yeerks discovered that Animorphs were mostly humans and not all Andalite bandits, and managed to discover their identities as well, the Animorphs had to evacuate their families. While the Animorphs were collecting Cassie's and Rachel's families to relocated to the Hork-Bajir valley, the Yeerks captured and infested Jake's parents.[8]


Following the end of the Andalite-Human-Yeerk War, Jean and Steve were freed from Yeerk control. Jake moved back home with them, although by 2003 he had moved out.[6]


"Experience maybe doesn't make you smarter, but it means you can think, 'Hey, I had something like this happen once before, and I survived.'"
"Okay, I'll ask: What's the second great weapon?"
"You are, Jake. Because as your mom, I can look at you and think, 'Oh, man, as bad as I feel right now, as bad as things may be, at least it isn't as bad as being a teenager.'"
―Jean and Jake[src]

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  • In the TV series, Jean is named Nikki.
  • In earlier promotional items such as the Animorphs Alliance handbook and Jake's Animorphs ID card, Jake's mother is referred to as Nikki.
  • Jake's mother is mentioned many times in the series, but she is not called by name until The Ultimate.



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