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|Hair = Blond
|Hair = Blond
|Born = c.1980s
|Born = c.1980s
|Died = 2000
|Family = Unnamed mother
|Family = Unnamed mother
|Affiliation = [[Animorphs (characters)|Animorphs]]<br>[[Auxiliary Animorphs]]
|Affiliation = [[Animorphs (characters)|Animorphs]]<br>[[Auxiliary Animorphs]]

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Biographical information
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blond
Born c.1980s
Died 2000
Family Unnamed mother
Affiliation Animorphs
Auxiliary Animorphs
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Ultimate
Last appearance The Beginning
Cause Death by Dracon beam during Yeerk battle
"I don't want the responsibility of somebody getting hurt — or dying — because of me. You may think our lives don't mean much to us, because they don't mean much to other people. But we do value our lives. And one another."
―James to Jake, Cassie and Marco[src]

James was a member of the second incarnation of the Animorphs and the leader of the Auxiliary Animorphs.


Family and HistoryEdit

"A disabled kid is like the kitten who becomes a cat. You're a kitten, everybody wants to pet you and play with you. You get a little older, you're just a nuisance. Some of the people here haven’t been home in years. About all he has to look forward to is a nursing home when he's too old for this place. And he's been here since he was a little kid. He got hit by a drunk driver when he was four. His mother brought him in to be operated on and never came back to get him."
Collette to Jake, Cassie and Marco[src]

According to Collette, when James was four years-old, he was hit by a drunk driver. His mother brought him to the operating room, but never came back. James was paralyzed from the waist down after the accident and lived at the children's hospital since that time.[1]

Andalite-Yeerk WarEdit

"Slowly our team formed a line. Grizzly. Gorilla. Tiger. Andalite. Hawk. Wolf. Then James's team. Lion. Crocodile. Bobcat. Bull. Then Craig's team. And Erica's. Slowly the visser's attention was caught. Maybe I imagined the look of fear that flitted across his enigmatic Andalite face as he surveyed our forces. Maybe not. But for the first time since this war had begun, it looked like a fair fight."

After the their identities were exposed, the Animorphs were forced to evacuated their families and relocated to the free Hork-Bajir valley.[2] They then decided to recruit more kids onto the team so that the new kids could continue to resist the Yeerks if the original six were captured or killed. The Animorphs chose to recruit physically disabled kids because they believed that the Yeerks would be uninterested in infesting them and to expedite the recruiting process instead of waiting three days to guarantee non-Controllers.

James was one of the initial recruits. The Animorphs were drawn to him because his strong personality. James was a paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair from a car accident. However, because he was not born with this disablity, the morphing process healed his paralysis. James suggested three others recruits for the first wave of new Animorphs: Collette, Kelly, and Timmy. All four acquired pigeon morphs and that night they snuck out to The Gardens to acquire various battle morphs. James chose to acquire a lion as his battle morph. As more kids were recruited to the "Auxiliary Animorphs", James appointed two lieutenants: Craig and Erica. James remained extremely protective of all the Auxiliary Animorphs.


"He was trembling, I could feel it so clearly. I savored his fear and rage. I had watched, helpless, while he murdered James and his people. Watched while he gloated. Now I wanted him to feel afraid."

James, along with the other Auxiliary Animorphs, were killed in the final battle against the Yeerks' Pool ship. They had sacrificed their lives to assist Sam Doubleday's ground force as the original Animorphs invaded the Pool ship. Jake heard Visser One gleefully order the Pool ship's gunners to kill any animals in the fight below, until the gunners report none are left.[3]


"James isn’t too friendly. But he's cool. He's the one who makes sure we get what we need. He's the man. Even the nurses and doctors listen to what he says."
"A leader."
Collette and Jake[src]

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Morph Book Acquired
Pigeon The Ultimate
Peregrine Falcon The Sacrifice
Red-Tailed Hawk (Tobias)
Dragonfly The Answer



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