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Jake morphing into a jaguar

"The jaguars are predators. That means senses adapted for hunting in the rain forest. They would be able to find the Yeerks, if any animal could."

The jaguar is the largest cat species in the Americas and the third-largest after the tiger and the lion. It is also the only extant member of the genus Panthera native to the Americas. A jaguar was acquired by the Animorphs (minus Tobias) in an alternate timeline in The Forgotten, and by Tom's Yeerk by The Answer.


"As slowly as I could, I raised a trembling hand to touch the jaguar's spotted fur. I focused my mind. I concentrated fervently on acquiring the jaguar. And I prayed the jaguar would act like most animals act when they are acquired. I hoped it would go into a trance."

After resting in the Amazon Rainforest, Jake is woken up by a jaguar, sniffing him and deciding whether or not to consume him. Jake acquires him to put him into a trance, and wakes the other Animorphs, with the obvious exception of Tobias, in order to get them to do the same. Ax acquires the jaguar last, and then allows the jaguar to chase it in order to spare his human friends. However, because this is taking place in a Sario Rip, an alternate timeline that is soon erased, Ax explains to Jake that they cannot morph the jaguar since their current selves never acquired it. By The Answer, Tom's Yeerk, using Tom's body, had acquired a jaguar.



Jake in jaguar morph

"What's cool is we all have a jaguar morph now. Perfect for traveling the rain forest at night."

In an alternate timeline, the Animorphs use their newfound jaguar morphs to traverse the Amazon Rainforest at night. They manage to make their way to the Blade ship, which is in the same location as the Experimental Prototype Bug Fighter, only for them to realize they have walked into a trap. Visser Three, who was in a Lerdethak morph, catches and consumes all the Animorphs in jaguar morph, except for Jake, who manages to run away long enough to demorph and remorph as a spider monkey.

Morph Unusable[]

"Then you undid the time line, so none of it ever really happened. You would find you cannot morph the jaguar or the monkey, because you never really acquired those animals."
Ax to Jake[src]

After Jake is killed by Visser Three, his death undoes the Sario Rip, thereby erasing the alternate timeline in which these events took place. The erasure of this timeline prevented the Animorphs from acquiring the jaguar, thereby rendering the morph unusable.