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"I have in my possession the Ixcila of Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan."
"Seerow's daughter?"
"Her stored persona. Her brain wave patterns. Her memories. Her personality. Her essence."
Quafijinivon, Ax and Jake[src]

Ixcila is the stored personality and memory of a person. It can be technologically captured and preserved, even beyond that person's death. It is part of Arn biotechnology, and the Ixcila can be revived if it has a host person to live in. Known Ixcila include those of the Hork-Bajir Dak Hamee (which was destroyed by the Yeerks at some point) and of his wife, Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan. Aldrea's Ixcila was later used to help the Animorphs find a collection of weapons that had been hidden by the original Aldrea, and was hosted by Cassie while this was in progress.

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