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"You see, we Iskoort are not precisely what we seem at first. The body you see is of our symbiote. We are a symbiotic species – a large outer body, the Isk, and the inner self, the much smaller portion, called the Yoort."

The Iskoort are a strange, capitalistic race that live on a distant planet on the far side of the galaxy. They are divided into castes which live in guilds and spend their lives doing only what their caste specifies. For example, salesman Iskoort sell anything they can-even memories, skin, and hair. There are even Iskoort whose sole purpose is to buy goods in order to keep the economy going.


"From the shoulders dropped two arms, one on each side, each arm jointed three times, ending in a hand made up of one very long, tentacle-like finger, and two smaller, hooked, sharp-clawed fingers. [...] They were roughly triangular with the point toward the top, which left no room for a pair of eyes to fit. So their eyes, pink as a rabbit's, were stuck on short stalks. They had mouths, but didn't use them to communicate. They pretty much stayed shut, opening only every few minutes to suck in air and reveal a fat, blue tongue and tiny, blue-tinged teeth."

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"The Isk were true symbiotes. The Isk cannot live without the Yoort. And to ensure that this symbiosis would be real, the Yoort, too, were modified. Now Yoort cannot live without Isk and Isk cannot live without Yoort. They are one creature with two parts.."
Guide to the Animorphs[src]

They are actually a combination of two races: the Isk and the Yoort. The Yoorts were a parasite race much like the Yeerks and who also feed on Kandrona Rays. They, too, took over creatures as hosts and tried to conquer the galaxy. The Isk were artificially created, and engineered so that they cannot live without the Yoort. The Yoort were likewise modified so that they could not live without the Isk. Together they formed a single race, the Iskoort, who then built an orderly society on their new home planet.

Since then, the Iskoort have opened their arms to other alien species whom they often treat rather well, although it is said the Warmaker and Criminal Guilds dislike off-worlders. The Ellimist and Crayak waged their battle over them because in about three centuries, the Iskoort and the Yeerk would meet, and the Yeerks would discover that there is an alternative to their current lifestyle.

Notable Iskoort[]


  • Guild of Traders
  • Criminal Guild
  • Warmaker Guild
  • Servant Guild
  • Shopper Guild
  • Worker Guild
  • News, Gossip, and Speculation Guild
  • Superstition and Magic Guild


  • Grand Guildmaster
  • Guide
  • Skin-Seller
  • Memory Wholesaler
  • Trader

Animorphs: Shattered Reality[]

Iskoorts ASR

Marco in rhinoceros morph vs. 2 Iskoorts

In the game Animorphs: Shattered Reality, Iskoort are one of the antagonists the player must fight against.