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Isaiah Fitzhenry
Biographical information
Gender Male
Born 1844
Died 1864
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed sister
Grandpa G (great-great-nephew)
Jean Berenson (descendant)
Tom Berenson (descendant)
Jake Berenson (descendant)
Occupation Lieutenant
Affiliation Union Army
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Resistance
Last appearance The Resistance
Cause Killed by Confederate soldiers
"Two years in the army now and by all accounts a man, yet I do not look it. Though tall, I'm thin. Though an officer, my hair falls across my forehead like a baby's curls and no amount of combing keeps it back. The men must see me as more boy than man. Respect is earned. I know such regard takes time. But I feel I can prove my strength, show that my heart is free of fear and weakness, that I am built to serve the Union and prevail."
―Isaiah Fitzhenry[src]

Lieutenant Isaiah Fitzhenry was a Union soldier participating in the American Civil War, and an ancestor of Grandpa G, Jean, Tom and Jake Berenson.


"I do believe that anticipation of an event can be as powerful as the event itself, as Mac had said of whipping. We don't know when the attack will come and we surely can't prevent it. Yet we can live it in our minds a hundred times. Sinkler's Ridge is doomed. Everyone is aware of this truth, but no one will let on. Not even for a moment."
―Isaiah Fitzhenry[src]

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