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Animorphs was translated and published in Italy by the publisher Mondadori. Only books #1-52 were published. All 52 of these books had stickers or iron-on transfers at the end of the book, which consisted of morphing silhouettes, the names of two of the main characters and the Animorphs logo. Each book cover advertised the presence of stickers (adesivi) or transfers (trasferibili).

Books with Corresponding Sticker or Transfer page[]

No. Book Cover Stickers / Transfers Character Morphs + Translations
Animorphs visitor book 2 italian l'ospite cover

L'ospite / The Visitor

Animorphs visitor book 2 italian l ospite trasferibili transfers



  • The Aliens are among us
  • It seems real but maybe it's true
Animorphs 4 the message il messaggio italian cover

Il Messaggio / The Message

Animorphs 4 the message italian stickers adesivi


(The Unknown cover)


  • Nothing will be the same
  • Find and Collect all the morphs of our heroes
Animorphs 6 the capture la cattura italian cover
La Cattura / The Capture
Animorphs 6 the capture italian transfers trasferibili



  • It seems real but maybe it's true
  • Nobody knows who they are
  • Nothing will be the same
Animorphs 9 the secret il segreto italian cover

Il Segreto / The Secret

Animorphs 9 the secret italian stickers adesivi

(The Stranger cover)

Animorphs 19 the departure la partenza italian cover
La Partenza / The Departure
Animorphs 19 the departure italian stickers adesivi
Animorphs 29 the sickness la malattia italian cover
La Malattia / The Sickness
Animorphs 29 the sickness la malattia italian stickers adesivi
  • Ax/ Snake 
  • Tobias (Human) / Hawk (silhouette seen on a few other pieces of merchandise)
Animorphs 31 the conspiracy il complotto italian cover
Il Complotto / The Conspiracy
Animorphs 31 the conspiracy italian stickers adesivi

(The Predator cover - lobster edition)

Animorphs 32 the separation La scissione italian cover
La Scissione / The Separation
Animorphs separation book 32 italian stickers adesivi rachel tobias



  • Find and Collect all the morphs of our heroes
  • The invasion has begun
Animorphs 33 illusion italian cover
L'illusione / The Illusion
Animorphs 33 illusion italian stickers adesivi
Animorphs proposal book 35 italian la proposta cover
La Proposta / The Proposal
Animorphs 33 illusion italian stickers adesivi
Animorphs 37 the weakness la sostituzione italian cover

La Sostituzione / The Weakness

Animorphs 37 the weakness italian stickers adesivi
Animorphs 38 the arrival l arrivo italian cover
L'arrivo / The Arrival
Animorphs 38 the arrival l arrivo italian stickers adesivi
Animorphs 43 the test la prova italian cover
La Prova / The Test
Animorphs 43 the test la prova italian stickers adesivi
Animorphs 44 the unexpected L imprevisto italian cover
L'imprevisto / The Unexpected
Animorphs 44 unexpected italian stickers adesivi

Book Titles[]

  1. L'invasione
  2. L'Ospite
  3. L'Incontro
  4. Il Messaggio
  5. Il Predatore
  6. La Cattura
  7. Lo Straniero
  8. L'Alieno
  9. Il Segreto
  10. L'Androide
  11. Il Disperso
  12. La Reazione
  13. La Trasformazione
  14. Il Mistero
  15. La Fuga
  16. L'Avvertimento
  17. Il Sotterraneo
  18. La Decisione
  19. La Partenza
  20. La Scoperta
  21. La Minaccia
  22. La Soluzione
  23. Il Tranello
  24. L'Astronave
  25. Il Gelo
  26. L'Attacco
  27. L'Abisso
  28. L'Esperimento
  29. La Malattia
  30. Il Patto
  31. Il Complotto
  32. La Scissione
  33. L'Illusione
  34. La Profezia
  35. La Proposta
  36. La Mutazione
  37. La Sostituzione
  38. L'Arrivo
  39. La Scatola
  40. L'Altro
  41. Il Familiare
  42. Il Viaggio
  43. La Prova
  44. L'Imprevisto
  45. La Rivelazione
  46. L'Inganno
  47. La Resistenza
  48. Il Ritorno
  49. L'Esilio
  50. Le Reclute
  51. L'Assoluto
  52. Il Sacrificio

Front Covers[]

Back Covers[]


  • The stickers do not correspond to the cover character or morph
  • Some of the stickers match a cover morph exactly, sometimes only the character silhouette or the animal silhouette is the same. For instance, the mosquito on the stickers on books 33 and 35 is the same as the one on the cover of The Decision, but the stickers have Tobias morphing it, instead of Ax.
  • Books 33 and 35 have the same set of stickers
  • The transfers consist of five morphs and five characters. The sticker sheets have two morphs and two characters.
  • The Stickers for book 31 have a Marco / Lobster morph that matches the cover of some international editions of The Predator, but the stickers are labelled with Cassie, instead of Marco.