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Animorphs books in French were published in France by Folio Junior, and in Canada by Les Editions Scholastic for the original release.

Folio Junior published books 1-46 as Volumes 1-46, did not publish books 47-52, and resumed publishing book 53 The Answer as "Volume 47" and book 54 The Beginning as "Volume 48". Folio Junior also published Megamorphs #1-3, The Andalite Chronicles, The Hork-Bajir Chronicles, VISSER, and Alternamorphs The First Journey.

Les Editions Scholastic published books #1-30 and Megamorphs #1-3 in Canada. Sometimes, the image on the french canadian books would be flipped from the image on the folio junior covers in order to accommodate the "Les Editions Scholastic" logo on the bottom left corner.

For the 2011 re-release, Gallimard Jeunesse published books 1-5 with the lenticular covers to match the US re-release.

Folio Junior Cover Gallery[]

Back Covers[]

The back covers of books #1-48 had individual pictures of the four human animorphs and a book summary. The back covers of the Chronicles and Megamorphs had either the inside cover or back cover pictures as a background to the book summary. In the case of Megamorphs #2, the picture used is a T-Rex that appeared on a MM2 promotional poster (and a few other promotional items) rather than any of the pictures used as american inside covers.

Les Editions Scholastic Covers[]

2011 Re-release Covers[]