Animorphs was published in many countries internationally. For the original release, it was published in (at least) the US, UK, and Australia and in the following languages: FrenchGerman, ItalianJapanese, Dutch, Spanish (in Spain, Argentina, and the US), Portuguese (in Portugal and Brazil), Indonesian, Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, Greek, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Hebrew, Turkish, Romanian, and Vietnamese. The 2011 re-release was published in the US, France, and Brazil.

United StatesEdit

In the USScholastic published books #1-54, Megamorphs #1-4, four Chronicles books, and Alternamorphs #1 and 2. The covers had the Animorph to animal morph on the cover, the "Animorphs" logo on the top, and the title and author on the bottom right. Each book also had an inside cover depicting the morphed animal in the environment in which it was used by the Animorph. The back cover had a summary beginning with "No one knows who we are..." for books 1-50. Books 51-54 has a different summary reflecting how dire the yeerk invasion situation had become at that point. Below that series summary, would be the summary for the specific book. This summary was usually the same as the summary for the book on the official web site ( but the first 3 books had different summaries. The first seven books were initially printed with the "Animorphs" logo having a white background, and the title and author text non-shiny. For later printings of Books 1-7 and for the rest of the series, the Animorphs logo background, and the title and author text would be shiny. Starting with book 45 (which began the ending arc) all books until the end had the Animorphs logo on the cover with a black background.

Books 21-24, and 30-52, as well as Megamorphs 4 and the Hork-Bajir Chronicles in paperback, featured a "Watch Animorphs on TV" logo on the front cover.

"Scholastic School Market Editions" of the books were also published in the US. For most of these, the only difference was that in the middle of the book, there would be a stiffer piece of paper advertising the Animorphs Alliance fan club. The books containing this advertisement were the ones in the middle of the series from Book 20 to Book 38, approximately. If the book came with an extra item, such as Book 28 which came with bookmarks, the advertising would take the place of that extra.

Some scholastic editions did not follow this trend, however - the Scholastic edition of Book 14 contained flipbook stickers you could put in your book. The Scholastic editions of Books 30 and 31 were half the thickness of the regular books, contained no inside cover, and had non-shiny covers, with no raised text for the Animorphs logo. The Scholastic edition of Megamorphs #1 and #2 were actually two books - the books were released in two parts to release the book faster. The Scholastic edition of The Andalite Chronicles was released in three parts, with three different covers. The scholastic edition of VISSER was simply the book published in paperback instead of hardback.

United KingdomEdit

The UK books featured the title text in slightly larger font than the US books. They also did not contain inside covers. Books 1-54, Megamorphs 1 and 2, The Hork-Bajir Chronicles, and The Andalite Chronicles were published.  Earlier books were released with a more plain background; later books, and later printings, had a multicolored background. Books 47-54 were published as combined editions: 47/48, 49/50, 51/52, and 53/54. Books 9,10,11,12,13, and MM1 came with character stat cards. The front of the card featured the half-human, half animal face that are on the cover of MM1. The back featured character stats that are the same (or very similar) to promotional trading cards that were given out around the same time Megamorphs #1 was released in the US. 


These looked almost exactly the same as the US books, with the exception that the back cover had the australian animorphs web site url( and the front covers were missing the "watch tv" logo that the US books had. Sometimes there would be a "As seen on ABC TV" sticker on the front cover instead.


(Full article: French Animorphs Books)

The French books were published in France by Folio Junior. They had green spines, and a pink to blue color rainbow on the right side of the cover. The top of the front cover featured the promo image of a finger touching a lizard to "acquire" it. The back cover was usually the same as the US inside cover (with the book summary over it) for the Megamorphs and Chronicles books. For the numbered books, the back cover featured the four half human/half animal faces from the MM1 cover, and a book summary. These books do not have inside covers. Books 47-52 were not published in French. The Deception (Book 46) was "Volume 46" and The Answer (Book 53) was "Volume 47." MM4 and The Ellimist Chronicles were not published in French, but the other megamorphs and chronicles were.

French (Canada)Edit

French books were also published in Canada by Les Editions Scholastic. These did not have the rainbow on the right side of the cover (which is something the french publisher, folio junior, has on many books) and do have a small logo that says "Les Editions Scholastic" on the bottom left corner of the front cover.


(Full article: Italian Animorphs Books)

Books #1-52 and Alternamorphs #1 were published by Mondadori and looked similar to the American covers and back covers,  and did not have inside covers. The books were smaller and thicker than the american books, and had blue page spines. In addition, all books came with stickers or transfers at the end of the book. 


(Full article: Spanish Animorphs Books)

There are several different publishers of the Spanish language editions of Animorphs, depending on the location of publication.

  • Mariposa Scholastic en Español published books #1-4 in the US. The books have similar covers and size as the US books.
  • Emece pubished books #1-12 in Argentina. These books are wider and and the spine is thinner than the US books. Book 5 had the lobster cover (instead of gorilla).
  • Ediciones B "en espanol para todo el mundo" published books #1-25 in Spain. The books have the title at the top of the cover for individual books. Ediciones B also published the books in combined editions called "Megamorphs" (not the same as Megamorphs in the US releases) - Books 1-3 combined, Books 4-6 combined, and Books 7-9 combined, etc. This publisher also released several books in Catalan.
  • In addition, books #26-54 were translated into ebook form.


(Full article: German Animorphs Books )

These were published by Ravensberger, which also published german audio books of the first ten books, in tape and CD format. A total of books #1-30, Megamorphs #1-3, and a combined edition of Alternamorphs #1 and 2 were translated by the publisher into German.[1]


Books #1-14 were published by ZNU. These had black and white pictures of the half-human, half-animal faces of the Animorphs from Megamorphs #1 on the top of the front cover. The right side of the cover featured a colorful animal print pattern. Book 5 was the lobster cover, instead of gorilla.


(Full article: Japanese Animorphs Books )

Only Books 1-5 were published. These feature sketched morph covers in color, and are distinct images from any other publication. The inside of each book includes six black-and-white sketched illustrations.


At least #1-8 were published by Egmont Tempo. These look almost the same as the Norwegian covers, the main difference being the Norwegian books have the publisher's triangle symbol on the cover, and the Danish books have the publisher's name "Egmont Tempo" on the spine. The title are the same in both languages for books 1,3,6,8, and different for books 2,4,5,7, since Norwegian and Danish are very similar languages.

  1. Invasionen
  2. Gæsten
  3. Nærkontakt
  4. Budskabet
  5. Opdagelsen
  6. Erobringen
  7. Afgørelsen


All books #1-54, all four Megamorphs, and all four chronicles were published. The spines look similar to the American covers, and the front covers do as well but there is more space around the Animorphs logo.


  1. Invasjonen
  2. Gjesten
  3. Nærkontakt
  4. Budskapet
  5. Oppdagelsen
  6. Erobringen
  7. Avgjørelsen
  8. Den fremmede
  9. Hemmeligheten
  10. Androiden
  11. Tidsreisen
  12. Reaksjonen
  13. Forandringen
  14. Den ukjente
  15. Oppgjøret
  16. Advarselen
  17. Våpenet
  18. Gjensynet
  19. Avskjeden
  20. Nykommeren
  21. Trusselen
  22. Løsningen
  23. Avsløringen
  24. Mistanken
  25. Isfront
  26. Angrepet
  27. Dypdykk
  28. Eksperimentet
  29. Sykdommen
  30. Gjenforeningen
  31. Sammensvergelsen
  32. Atskillelsen
  33. Illusjonen
  34. Profetien
  35. Forslaget
  36. Mutasjonen
  37. Svakheten
  38. Ankomsten
  39. Jakten
  40. Den andre
  41. Visjonen
  42. Reisen
  43. Prøven
  44. Det uventede
  45. Åpenbaringen
  46. Narrespillet
  47. Motstanden
  48. Gjenkomsten
  49. Avledningen
  50. Ytterpunktet
  51. Dilemmaet
  52. Offeret
  53. Svaret
  54. Begynnelsen


Book #1-16, Megamorphs #1, and Megamorphs #4 were published in hardback by B. Wahlstroms and had the publisher's name in a green line on the top of the cover, and the title in large white letters on the bottom right.


Books #1-20 and Megamorphs #1 and #2 were published.


Books #1-4 were published. The 'Animorphs' logo was written in Hungarian, so it looks like 'Animorfok.'


Books #1-27 were published. The covers look similar to the American covers, but the title is usually in yellow. Also, these are some of the few international books (other than the vietnamese books) whose translated titles do not match the American form of "The [noun]". For instance, the Book 1 title translates to "The Invasion of Aliens" and Book 26's title translates to "The fight on Planet Iskoort."

Portuguese (Portugal)Edit

Bertrand Editora published books #1-8.

Portuguese (Brazil)Edit

Books #1-15 were published by Rocco in Brazil and look very similar to the American covers as well as the Argentinian Spanish covers.


(Аниморфы) At least books #1-14 were published. The books look similar to the American books, but the 'Animorphs' logo is in Cyrillic script. The Playstation game 'Shattered Reality' and the PC game 'Know the Secret' were also translated.


Κέδρος published books #1-5.


Books #1-13 were published. Book 14 was prepared but not published.


  1. Inwazja
  2. Przybysz
  3. Spotkanie
  4. Przesłanie
  5. Drapieżnik
  6. Pojmanie
  7. Obcy
  8. Nieznajomy
  9. Tajemnica
  10. Android
  11. Pętla
  12. Reakcja
  13. Przemiana


(Dönüşüm) Books #1-8 were published by Altin Kitaplar


Books #1-18 were published by Hed Arzi. The images and text on the covers is reversed because the language is read right to left.


Corint Junior published all four Chronicles books in 2006. Seemingly no other Animorphs books were published.


(full article: Vietnamese Animorphs Books)

63 numbered books and 7 "special books" (Bộ đặc biệt) in Vietnamese were published:

  • US books #1-14 were published in two parts - 2 vietnamese books for each US book
  • books 15-29, 31,33,34,36,38-40,43,45-47,49-54 (the rest were skipped)
  • Megamorphs #1 and 2
  • The Andalite Chronicles in 3 parts (special books #1-3)
  • Hork-Bajir Chronicles in 2 parts (special books #4-5)
  • VISSER in 2 parts (special books #6-7) [2]

2011 Re-releaseEdit

The Animorphs series was re-released in 3 countries in 2011-2012: the United States, France, and Brazil.

United States 2011 releaseEdit

In 2011-2012, Scholastic published books #1-7 in paperback, and Book 8 in ebook form, before the re-release was cancelled. The books had a lenticular card on the cover, so you could see the Animorph "morph" from human to animal via the lenticular format.

France 2011 releaseEdit

Books #1-5 were published by Gallimard Jeunesse and the front and back covers were designed to look very similar to the American 2011 front and back covers. 

Portuguese (Brazil) 2011 releaseEdit

Editoria Fundamento in Brazil published books #1-6. The books feature entirely distinct cover pictures from any other publication - large human/animal face that spans the size of the cover.

Published books guide by countryEdit

Country Publisher Books Published Series Name
US (Original) Scholastic #1-54, Megamorphs #1-4,Four Chronicles, Alternamorphs #1-2 Animorphs
French (France) Folio Junior #1-46, 53,54, Megamorphs #1-3,Hork-Bajir,Visser,Andalite Chronicles, Alternamorphs #1 Animorphs
French (Canada) Les Editions Scholastic At least #1-30, Megamorphs #1 and 2 Animorphs
United Kingdom Scholastic Hippo #1-46,47-54 in combined books, Megamorphs #1-3, Andalite and Hork-Bajir Chronicles,  Animorphs
Italy Mondadori #1-52, Alternamorphs #1 Animorphs
Germany Ravensburger #1-30, Megamorphs #1-3, Alternamorphs 1/2 combined Animorphs
Spain (Spanish) Ediciones B #1-25, plus "Megamorphs" combined editions - at least 5 of 3 books each Animorphs
Argentina (Spanish) Emece #1-12 Animorphs
US (Spanish) Mariposa Scholastic en Español #1-4 Animorphs
Dutch ZNU #1-14 Animorphs
Japanese #1-5


Norwegian #1-54, Megamorphs #1-4, all chronicles Animorphs
Danish Egmont Tempo At least #1-8 Animorphs
Swedish B. Wahlstroms #1-16 Animorphs
Hungarian #1-4 Animorfok
Indonesian #1-27 Animorphs
Portugal Bertrand Editora At least #1-8 Animorphs
Brazil Rocco #1-15 Animorphs
Russian #1-14 (possibly 15) Аниморфы
Polish #1-13 Animorphs
Turkish Altin Kitaplar #1-8 Dönüşüm
Hebrew Hed Arzi #1-18


Greek Κέδρος #1-5 Animorphs
Romanian Corint Junior All four Chronicles books only Animorfi
Finnish Tammi At least #1-20, Megamorphs 1 and 2 Animorphs
Vietnamese #1-29, 31,33,34,36,38-40,43,45-47,49-54, Megamorphs #1-2, Hork-Bajir, Andalite, Visser Chronicles Animorphs
2011 re-release
US Scholastic #1-7 in paperback, #8 in ebook
France Gallimard Jeunesse #1-5
Brazil Editora Fundamento #1-6

General TriviaEdit

  • The only book to feature international covers with a different morph than the US cover was book 5, The Predator. The US cover featured Marco morphing gorilla, while many international editions (UK, French, Dutch, Spanish (Emece), Portuguese, Brazilian, Polish) featured Marco morphing lobster. Cover artist David Mattingly illustrated and designed both morphs. When Mattingly published morphing flipbooks of many of the covers to his youtube channel in 2011, the Marco flipbook video included both the gorilla morph and the lobster morph.
  • For the original release, the Japanese covers were the only international editions to feature different cover art from the US covers. For the 2011 re-release, the Brazilian covers were the only ones different from the re-released US covers.
  • Most of the international books do not have inside covers. The exceptions are German, Russian, Norwegian, Turkish, and Indonesian.


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