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"Welcome, Visser. Iniss Two-Two-Six of the Sulp Niaar pool submits to you. May the Kandrona shine and strengthen you."
―Iniss 226 to Visser Three[src]

Iniss 226 (pronounced Iniss Two-Two Six) was the Yeerk controlling Hedrick Chapman. He is referred to as Chapman by the Animorphs and the Yeerks, including Esplin 9466.


Early Life[]

Iniss 226 was born prior to 1966[2] on the Sulp Niar pool on the Yeerk homeworld, alongside Iniss 455.[1] In 1966, many of the Yeerks in the Sulp Niar pool were loaded onto a stolen Andalite ship by a small army of Yeerks who wished to expand to the cosmos and conquer other species and territories,[3] with Iniss 226 being one of the Yeerks who joined the exodus. Iniss 226 then joined the Yeerk Empire.[2]

Controlling Chapman[]

Voluntary Host[]

"I agreed to surrender my freedom. To become a Controller. To accept this filthy thing in my head. To accept your control. I agreed... but only if you would spare my daughter."
Hedrick Chapman to Visser Three[src]

In 1995,[4] the Yeerk Empire began its invasion of Earth. Iniss 226 was among the many Yeerks who were brought to Earth,[1] arriving in a city in California where the Yeerks were basing their planetary invasion from.[5] Iniss was given a specific human host, an adult man named Hedrick Chapman, by Visser Three, who also made Iniss his lieutant. Chapman agreed to be infested and become a voluntary host so long as his daughter Melissa was spared, an agreement that Iniss honored. Assuming Chapman's identity and occupation, Iniss 226 served as an assistant principal for a local middle school. Iniss had an amiable relationship with the Yeerk who controlled Chapman's wife.[1] Iniss was given seniority over many Controllers and was appointed to serve as the new leader of The Sharing,[6] a cult founded by Visser One as a means to acquire voluntary human hosts.[7] Due to his position as Visser Three's lieutenant, the basement of the Chapman Residence was given modifications to allow for a secret room. Behind a regular locked door, a steel vault door was outfitted, which featured a panel that allowed the vault door to be opened only if Chapman's handprint was read. Inside the room was a powerful hologram emitter along with a communication device that translated thought-speak into verbal speech, which allowed Iniss to speak directly with Visser Three.[1] Other pieces of equipment in the room included a Yeerk computer and a Z-space transponder.[8]

Elfangor's Demise[]

"Efnud to tell fallay nyot fit? Whatever order."
"No. No need to capture them. Whoever you find, kill. Just save the head. Bring that to me and we can identify it."
Hork-Bajir-Controller and Iniss 226[src]

In 1997,[9] Visser Three had been appointed as the Yeerk Empire officer who was in charge of their invasion of Earth. Iniss, who was appointed to Visser Three's inner circle, briefly left Earth to return to orbit, where he witnessed the Andalite fleet's massacre by the Yeerk forces. When the Andalite Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul crash-landed in an abandoned construction site on Earth, coincidentally in the same town where Chapman lived, Iniss and a handful of other Controllers landed on the site along with Visser Three's Blade ship.

Iniss then witnessed as his superior morphed into an Antarean Bogg and killed Elfangor by eating him alive, after which Iniss and the other Controllers laughted. Shortly after, the Yeerks noticed as a group of human teenagers fled from the site. Realizing that there might be witnesses, one of the Hork-Bajir-Controllers asked Iniss if they were to capture the children alive or what their orders were, to which Iniss responded that they were to just kill the children and bring back their heads for identification.[6]


"Chapman told Tom there was not to be any killing at a Sharing meeting. They don't want any suspicious activities. He also said they couldn't just go around killing every kid who might have been at the construction site. [...] A bunch of kids start turning up dead and people will definitely notice. He said they should just wait — kids can't keep quiet for long about seeing aliens. When the kids talk, the Controllers will find them and get rid of them."

The next day, the Yeerks still hadn't located the children, much to Visser Three's ire. Iniss then attended a meeting that The Sharing was holding on the beach, and joined the pit where the full members were holding their own meeting. Iniss informed the other Controllers that Visser Three was not happy that they had not located the children and asked if anyone had any clues. Temrash 114, who controlled a human teenager named Tom, notified Iniss that he believed his host's brother Jake might have been one of those kids and that he was currently at the beach. However, when Temrash offered to either kill or forcibly infest Jake that night, Iniss replied that they could not go killing children, especially at a Sharing meeting, as the public would notice the sudden deaths of multiple children. Instead, Iniss told them that children who witnessed aliens would not be able to keep silent, and that when the kids spoke up, they would get rid of them. Two days later, Iniss went into the janitor's closet at school in order to use the secret entrance to the Yeerk pool.[6]

Meetings with Visser Three[]

"That Andalite-Controlling scum. I wish the Council of Thirteen would find out what kind of a mess he's making on this planet. Let them take that Andalite body from him and throw him back in some distant pool on the home world."
"Don't wish for that. Long before Visser Three loses power, he will surely have destroyed you for failing him."
―Iniss 226 and Ms. Chapman's Yeerk[src]

Since the Andalite bandits had used his school's entrance to gain access to the Yeerk pool, the entrance was sealed; Iniss 226 was then personally asked by Visser Three to locate the Andalite bandits. A little over a week after the Andalite bandits' debut, Iniss 226 picked up Melissa Chapman from her gymnastics class at the local YMCA when he noticed Rachel, a student at his school and a friend of Melissa's, standing in the rain. He then gave her a ride to her house before driving himself and Melissa home. A few days later, Iniss was at school during the morning, right before classes began, when Rachel ran into him. Iniss told Rachel to watch herself, and when Rachel stated that she was having bad dreams, Iniss responded that nightmares weren't real.

A few days later, Iniss was sitting in "his" living room, staring blankly ahead while his "wife" prepared dinner. At 8:00 PM local time, he made his way to the basement, unaware that he was being followed by his daughter's cat. Accessing the secret room, Iniss waited until Visser Three appeared within the holographic emitter. As they shared greetings, Visser Three inquired as to whether Iniss had located the Andalite bandits. When Iniss responded that he hadn't, Visser Three replied that he had informed the Council of Thirteen that all Andalites had been killed, and that they would be angry with him if they found out there were Andalites on Earth, which in turn would make him angry at Iniss. Visser Three then turned his attention to something behind Iniss, which he discovered was Melissa's cat. After explaining what a cat was to the Visser, Iniss was asked to kill the cat in case it was an Andalite; Iniss then fearfully explained to Visser Three that killing the cat would risk ruining his cover.

After a moment of deliberation, Visser Three ordered Iniss not to violate his cover or draw attention to himself, and added that the cat would live until Melissa was infested, which he wanted to occur quickly. Iniss quickly began explaining that he had an agreement with Chapman to spare Melissa, although the Visser retorted that agreements are just a tool to gain voluntary hosts and that he would not have bothered with Melissa if Iniss had succeeded in capturing the Andalite bandits. The Visser then demanded that Melissa be brought to him, which Iniss agreed to. To ensure that Iniss did not fail him, Visser Three morphed into a Vanarx, also known a Yeerkbane, a creature that could suck a Yeerk straight out of a host's ear. Visser Three then placed his holographic suckers on Chapman's head, reminding Iniss that he was the one who made him a lieutenant and placed him within Chapman and that if he failed him, he would suck Iniss out of Chapman's head. The Visser then displayed a holographic video of him using the Vanarx to suck another Yeerk, whom Iniss 266 recognized as Iniss 174, out of their host's brain, which the Visser then consumed. He then demorphed and reminded Iniss 226 not to fail him before ending the transmission.

Hedrick Chapman GN2

Iniss took some to compose himself before making his way back upstairs, where his "wife" was waiting for him. She inquired about the meeting, and Iniss told her that the Visser wanted the Andalite bandits and had morphed into a Vanarx to kill Iniss 174, to which she was shocked that Visser Three would use the morph to kill a notable Yeerk such as Iniss 174. Iniss 226 then expressed his contempt for Visser Three, referring to him as an Andalite-controlling scum and wished that the Council of Thirteen took his body away from him before dumping him back on the Yeerk homeworld. Howeer, his "wife" stated that Visser Three would kill Iniss for failing him long before the Council ever took such an action. Melissa then called out to her "parents", asking for help on her math homework, and Iniss snapped back that they were busy. His "wife" then told Melissa that she wouldn't learn until she did the work herself, but that her "father" would help her later if she still had problems. Iniss then hollowly told Melissa that he would check up on her before she went to bed.

Rachel bites Chapman

Iniss is bitten by the Andalite bandit

The next day, Iniss successfully oversaw the infestation of four voluntary hosts through The Sharing, one of whom was an FBI agent. While at home that night, Iniss waited until 7:57 PM before making his way to the basement's secret room, once more unaware that he was being followed by a cat. Three minutes later, he greeted Visser Three on the holographic call and attempted to relay the news of the FBI agent's infestation, although the Visser only wanted to know whether Iniss had made headway in locating the Andalite bandits. Iniss wondered how he could locate the Andalites unless they made their presence known again before he accidentally kicked a cat under his desk. Looking at the cat with revulsion, Visser Three declared that the cat must be Andalite bandit in morph and ordered Iniss to capture it. Iniss then attempted to capture the cat, who fiercely fought back, resulting in multiple bloody lacerations on Chapman's hands and arms, although Iniss was able to eventually pin the cat. Visser Three then ordered Iniss to bring both the "Andalite cat" and Melissa to the abandoned construction site immediately.[1]

Host Rebellion[]

"Stop it, Chapman. Stop it or I'll break you! I'll leave you nothing but a shell! You cannot win. No host has ever succeeded in rebelling!"
―Iniss 226 to Hedrick Chapman[src]

Iniss 226 then tossed the Andalite cat across the room and pulled out a Dracon beam, threatening to kill the Andalite bandit if it moved. Struggling to maintain his facial muscles, he told the "cat" that they had made life difficult for him and that infesting Melissa was going to result in Chapman being uncooperative. Keeping his Dracon beam on the "cat", he opened the door and yelled at his "wife" to come immediately. When she arrived, he told her that the cat was an Andalite in morph and to bring the cat carrier, which he then forced the cat to enter at gunpoint.

Chapman Host Rebellion GN2

As they emerged from the basement, Iniss told his "wife" to get Melissa. However, at that exact moment, Chapman began to fight for control of the body, causing Iniss to fall onto his knees; seconds later, Ms. Chapman also began fighting for control. Iniss ordered Chapman to stop fighting, claiming that he would break his mind if he kept it up. Iniss was soon able to regain control of the body and remarked to his "wife" that Chapman had decided to try again in a few days. Since such a relapse would make "Chapman" look mentally unwell in public, thus violating his cover, both Chapmans agreed to not deliver Melissa to Visser Three.

Iniss then picked up the cat carrier and started to leave the house when Melissa spotted him, asking him why she was taking her cat away. Ignoring her, Iniss kept walking, with Chapman even relinquishing some resistance to allow him to walk faster. Melissa, now crying, eventually caught up to her "father" and asked once more why she was taking her cat away. Just then, Melissa's real cat, Fluffer McKitty, returned home. Melissa, confused, tried to look inside the cat carrier, but Iniss quickly hid her view and told her that the cat inside the carrier was a different cat that had wandered into their house that he was taking to the shelter. Melissa then asked why he hadn't communicated that to her while she was crying and calling out to him, to which Iniss merely replied that he hadn't heard her. Iniss then placed the cat carrier in his car and drove to the abandoned construction site.

Iniss 226 GN2

Arriving on the site, Iniss waited until Visser Three's Blade ship, escorted by a pair of Bug fighters, landed in front of him. After inspecting the Andalite bandit inside the cat carrier, Visser Three asked Iniss where Melissa was. When Iniss began to stammer, Visser Three pulled him close and brought his tail blade to his face. Iniss tried to explain that Chapman was rebelling and that if Chapman caused their body to twitch and shake in public, he would be deemed mentally ill by human society and would therefore no longer be of use to the Visser. Chapman then informed Iniss mentally that he wanted to speak to Visser Three of his own free will; Iniss relayed this sentiment to the Visser, who gave Iniss permission to relinquish control of the body so that Chapman could speak freely. Chapman spoke of their pre-existing deal regarding Melissa and told Visser Three that he would continue fighting for Melissa before Iniss reassumed control of the body. As Iniss had brought him an Andalite bandit, Visser Three allowed Melissa to remain uninfested. The Visser then ordered Iniss to leave, claiming that Iniss' presence was tempting his patience, to which Iniss immediately retreated to Chapman's car and drove home.[1]

Further Missions[]

"Do you think these are the Andalite guerillas?"
"No. The tracks are human." [...]
"If they're human, why don't we see them out there? Four sets of human tracks. No humans in the water. Is it possible... is Visser Three wrong? What if they're not Andalites at all?"
"Visser Three wrong? Maybe. But I'm not the fool who's going to try and tell him."
Temrash 114 and Iniss 226[src]

When a fragment of an Andalite ship washed up on the beach, Iniss and Temrash 114 were assigned to lead a group of human-Controllers, all full members of The Sharing, to search the beach at night for additional pieces. The Controllers discovered four sets of fresh human footprints and followed them. Noticing four silhouettes in the distance, one of the Controllers began firing at them with a handgun. When the Controllers reached the shore, they saw no humans in the water but found discarded clothing. Temrash then wondered if the tracks belonged to the Andalite bandits; when Iniss pointed out that the tracks were human, Temrash brought up the fact that the humans they were just chasing were not visible in the water and suggested that maybe Visser Three was wrong about the bandits being Andalites and that they might actually be human. Iniss then replied that even if Visser Three was incorrect in that belief, he was not foolish enough to try and correct him.[10]


"Chapman was one of the worst sort of Yeerks. Eager for glory. Expert at toadying to powerful superiors. But unwilling to dirty his own hands if he could find someone else to perform the less appealing tasks of invasion. Chapman was a coward."

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