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"He showed me... he showed how he destroyed Iniss One-Seven-Four."
"He used a Vanarx on an Iniss of the second century?"
Iniss 226 and Ms. Chapman's Yeerk[src]

Iniss 174 (pronounced Iniss One-Seven-Four) was a Yeerk who had a human host on Earth before they were eaten and killed by Esplin 9466.


Consumed by Visser Three[]

"It was a second hologram. It showed a human woman, pain-wracked, screaming, with the purple creature sucking on her head. [...] In the little movie the translucent purple thing suddenly went into a spasm. From the woman's ear there came the slug. It was sucked, dripping, gray, slimy, right out of her head. The purple creature swallowed the Yeerk slug."

Iniss 174 was known as being an "Iniss of the second century."[1] In 1995,[2] the Yeerk Empire began its secret invasion of Earth. Iniss 174 was given a human woman as a host body. However, Iniss 174 failed to please Esplin 9466, the Yeerk in charge of the invasion who held the rank of Visser Three. As punishment, Esplin morphed into a Vanarx, also known as a Yeerkbane, and clamped its mouth on Iniss 174's host's head. The Visser then forcefully sucked Iniss 174 out of its host's brain and swallowed it, killing Iniss 174. This incident was recorded and later shown to Iniss 226 by Esplin to remind him what punishments he doled out to Yeerks who failed him.[1]



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