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Cassie in Illim Morph
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The Sickness

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The Sickness
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"When I first entered Mr. Tidwell, I was not part of the peace movement. He was an involuntary host. No. That is too nice a way to say it. He was my host, my slave. It was partly experiencing Mr. Tidwell's distress that led me to join the movement. His howls of fury and agony forced me to accept what I had done to him. At the same time I began to hear about a group of Yeerks who thought it was wrong to take an unwilling host. It didn't happen all at once. But gradually I realized that I did not want to inhabit Mr. Tidwell's body if it meant sacrificing his freedom for mine."
―Illim to Cassie[src]

Illim is the Yeerk who controls Mr. Tidwell and a member of the Yeerk Peace Movement.


"I am Illim. I control Mr. Tidwell. We are both part of the Yeerk peace movement. We have a message for you from Aftran Nine Four Two."
―Illim to Cassie[src]

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