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The human Animorphs and Ax.

"Humans. Violent but peace-loving. Passionate but cerebral. Humane but cruel. Impulsive but calculating. Generous but selfish. Humans. Altogether a contradictory and deeply flawed species. And yet... And yet, somehow I knew that they represented the best hope of the galaxy. Perhaps the only hope."

Humans are the dominant species of Earth. They are the latest victims of the Yeerk Empire. According to assorted Yeerks throughout the series, humans were chosen as targets because they are numerous (numbering around 5.8 billion potential hosts at the time of writing) and unaware of the existence of other sentient life forms. According to Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, it is possible that the Yeerks also feared humans due to their ability to adapt and learn rapidly. Humans have a distant cousin that live in the ocean known as the Nartec, a race of aquatic humans.

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