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Book 14 inside cover

A horse; inside cover of The Unknown

"They're herd animals. Not very smart. In fact, pretty dumb, really. They can run fast, but there are lots of faster animals. They're strong, but there are lots of other animals that are stronger."

A horse is a four-legged equestrian native to Earth. It is notable for being Cassie's first morph and a morph that all six core Animorphs possess. The Yeerk Empire also briefly infested horses in order to infiltrate Zone 91.


"So I pressed both my hands against the heaving flank of the big horse and I focused my mind. He grew calm and quiet. His DNA flowed into me. It became a part of me."

In The Invasion, set in 1997,[1] Cassie acquired one of the horses on her farm; it was her very first acquisition as well as her very first morph.[2] A few months later, in The Unknown, the six Animorphs acquired racehorses at a racetrack, with Cassie acquiring a derby-winning golden racehorse named Minneapolis Max.[3] Jake acquired a war horse in Elfangor's Secret, when the Animorphs traveled back in time to Azincourt, France in 1415.[4]


Animorphs 14 the unknown morph high res cassie horse

Cassie morphing into a horse

"Cassie! You have a horse morph, right? Quick. Before they figure out how to follow us."
Marco to Cassie[src]

Cassie used her horse morph to test out the morphing ability, and thus was her first acquisition and her first morph. As her only available morph at the time, she used it again during the Animorphs' first attack on the Yeerk pool, saving a woman from infestation by allowing her to ride on her horseback and presumably dealing with the police officer-Controller who had suspected her.[2] Shortly thereafter, following an attack on a Yeerk-run hospital where Jake was infested by Temrash 114, Marco told Cassie to use her horse morph to transport Jake to safety.[5] Cassie also had a habit of using her horse morph to run across the fields of her farm at night, although she wished to keep it a secret from Jake, as he frowned upon using morphing for personal reasons.[6]

After discovering that the Yeerks were infesting horses in order to infiltrate Zone 91, the Animorphs decided to use horse morphs to enter the base as well, using racehorse morphs they had acquired at a racetrack. Cassie, who had morphed into Minneapolis Max, used this specific horse morph to carry a jockey on her back and win the race.[3] The horse morph would be used one last time after the Animorphs followed Visser Four back in time, with Cassie and Jake both morphing horses, the latter a 1415 war horse.[4]


Known Morphers[]


Elfangor eye closeup andalite chron "Someone took a picture of me? Not cool. Do you see what I'm wearing? I'm Spandex-boy. Totally not cool."

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  1. The Andalite Chronicles is said to take place 10 years after the 1966 Yeerk exodus of The Hork-Bajir Chronicles and 21 years before Elfangor met the Animorphs. This places it in 1976, meaning the Animorphs met Elfangor in 1997.
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