Honeybee (40 - The Other)

Marco in honeybee morph.

"I here wouldn't be time to do my bee morph before my "mission." So I spent a few minutes on the Internet, hoping to discover some pertinent facts about the bee's capabilities and weaknesses. Something that might help me know what to expect when the honeybee brain kicked in. And I learned something that scared the tar out of me: that honeybees, like ants, are social insects. Just not to the same extent as ants. But they function as part of a greater whole. Not individuals. Machinelike in their dedication to the survival of the colony. Devoted one hundred and fifty percent to the hive. Now you know where the saying "busy as a bee" came from."

A honeybee (also known as honey bee) is a social insect responsible for the production and storage of honey. The honeybee was acquired and morphed by all of the Animorphs except Jake in The Other.


Animorphs 40 the other inside cover only

Marco in honeybee morph.

"Checked my brain to see if I know anything about honeybees. Like, do they sting? Nothing there. But I was going to acquire a honeybee regardless. If the bees were coming from and returning to a hive somewhere outside the greenhouse — without getting zapped by the force field — that meant they knew a safe way in and out. Just what I needed. I stood still. Hoped I smelled my sweetest. And... Got it! Held the bee loosely in my fist and hoped I acquired it."

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"I coached Tobias, Rachel, Cassie, and Ax on what to expect when they morphed the honeybee. [...] The plan was for the five of us to sneak onto McClellan/Gafinilan's property. Acquire a bee from the resident hive. And fly through the force field and into Gafinilan's greenhouse."


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