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Richard Sali

"If you harm my daughter I will fight you. I will fight you forever. Ask your Yeerk if he believes me. He knows me better than anyone. Ask Iniss two two six if I will fight for my daughter."
―Chapman to Visser Three[src]

Chapman is the Vice-Principal of the Animorphs' junior high school and a high-ranking Controller. He is also known for being the very first human in history to become infested by a Yeerk, and the one responsible for the Yeerk invasion of Earth.

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Hedrick Chapman is married and has only one child, a daughter named Melissa Chapman. Melissa is in the same school year as the other Animorphs and is an old friend of Rachel's.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

"This human was like a Skrit Na — self-serving, greedy, and very, very strange. [...] All the Skrit Na care about is owning and possessing things. And it seemed the human Chapman was the very same way."

Chapman was one of two humans captured by the Skrit Na and quickly rescued by Prince Alloran, two Aristh: Elfangor and Arbron. Although he and Loren were initially simply to be taken back to Earth with their memories erased, the discovery of the Time Matrix resulted in their return being delayed. Chapman and Loren was taken to the Taxxon homeworld. When he was almost captured, Chapman tried to turn Loren over to the Yeerks and told them about Earth and humans. He was neutralized and taken back to Earth, and has no memory of any of this due to Ellimist interference.[1] This information about humans is what lead Edriss 562 (the future Visser One) to investigate Earth and begin the secret Yeerk invasion of the human race.[2]

Andalite-Yeerk War on Earth[edit | edit source]

Chapman works as the Vice-Principal of the Animorphs' junior high school. At an unknown point, Chapman and his wife were infested by Yeerks and made Controllers. Both agreed to this infestation voluntarily on the condition that their daughter not be harmed.[3]

Chapman is infested by a medium/high-ranking Yeerk (possibly a Sub-Visser) who is often in charge of important Yeerk projects on Earth. The Animorphs often used him to discover new Yeerk Pool locations and gather intelligence.

Chapman, along with his family, survived when Marco and Tobias decided to park a tank on top of their house.[4]

Just prior to the final battle with the Yeerks, the Animorphs kidnap Chapman and hold him hostage with the threat of harm to coerce Erek King into helping infiltrate the Yeerks' Pool ship.[5] It is unknown what happened to him after the end of the war.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Chapman's information about humans is what lead Edriss 562 (the future Visser One) to investigate Earth and begin the secret Yeerk invasion of the human race.
  • Chapman was the first human ever infested by a Yeerk (Esplin 9466).
  • Iniss 226's rank is never revealed. However, it is likely that, given the responsibilities he was often tasked with, he was at least a Sub-Visser or possibly a low ranking Visser.

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