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"If you harm my daughter I will fight you. I will fight you forever. Ask your Yeerk if he believes me. He knows me better than anyone. Ask Iniss Two-Two-Six if I will fight for my daughter."
―Hedrick Chapman to Esplin 9466[src]

Hedrick Chapman is the vice principal of the Animorphs' junior high school and the host to Iniss 226, a high-ranking Controller. He also holds the distinction of being the very first human to become infested by a Yeerk, and the one responsible for the Yeerk invasion of Earth.


Adventures in Space[]

Kidnapped by Skrit Na[]

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Chapman was one of two humans captured by the Skrit Na and quickly rescued by Prince Alloran and two Aristh, Elfangor and Arbron. Although he and Loren were initially simply to be taken back to Earth with their memories erased, the discovery of the Time Matrix resulted in their return being delayed. Chapman and Loren was taken to the Taxxon homeworld. When he was almost captured, Chapman tried to turn Loren over to the Yeerks and told them about Earth and humans.[2]

Infested by Esplin 9466[]

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Memory Wiped[]

"Like the human named Chapman? Is he one of your people?"
"You. It was you. You brought him back here and erased his memory."
"I undid an error in the time-space continuum. Chapman plays a part in what is still to come."
―The Ellimist and Elfangor[src]

Chapman was on the Jahar alongside Loren, Elfangor and Esplin 9466, the latter controlling the body of Alloran-Semitur-Corrass. As the Jahar was on a collision course with a black hole, the other three passengers used the Time Matrix to warp themselves away, leaving Chapman alone on the ship to die. Before the Jahar could be swallowed by the black hole, a cosmic god-like figure known as the Ellimist teleported Chapman to his hometown on Earth and wiped the memories of his recent space adventure. The Ellimist, who was omniscient, saved Chapman as he had a role to play in future events.[2]

Adult Life[]

"I saw Chapman at the college. I was with Loren at the time. Chapman did not recognize her. He did not know her at all. It made no sense. We had left Chapman back on the Jahar, tumbling toward a black hole. He should have been swallowed by the black hole, crushed and annihilated. [...] This Chapman recalled nothing. His memory had been erased."

Four years later in 1980, Chapman, now an adult, was attending college in his home city when he encountered Loren and Elfangor once more, with the latter in a human morph. Loren then asked him about Visser Thirty-two, but since his memory had been wiped, he did not recognize Loren and was confused as to what she was talking about.[2] He eventually met and married a woman who would become his wife, and four years later in 1984[3] she gave birth to the couple's only child, a daughter named Melissa.[4] Chapman became the assistant/vice principal of a local junior high school[5] and owned a home in the suburbs. For his daughter's twelfth birthday, he gifted her with a tomcat, which she named Fluffer McKitty.[4]

Infested by Iniss 226[]

"Visser Three. You... We had a deal. You know I never wanted to join you. [...] I agreed to surrender my freedom. To become a Controller. To accept this filthy thing in my head. To accept your control. I agreed... but only if you would spare my daughter."
―Hedrick Chapman to Esplin 9466[src]

Despite Chapman revealing the existence of Earth and humans to the Yeerk Empire in 1976,[2] this information was not immediately acted upon. Edriss 562 eventually read the report on Chapman's revelation and decided to investigate Earth, arriving on the planet in 1991. Settling in California, she lived a human life for years and eventually relocated to the city where Chapman happened to live and founded The Sharing.[6] In 1995,[7] Edriss was promoted to Visser One due to her acting on Chapman's intelligence, and the Yeerk Empire began its secret invasion of Earth out of Chapman's hometown. Esplin 9466, the Yeerk who had briefly infested Chapman and possessed Alloran-Semitur-Corrass as a host body due to Chapman's help,[2] wanted Chapman to become a host body.[4]

Chapman's wife, who had learned of the Yeerks, readily wished to become a voluntary host and tried to urge her husband to join her, although Chapman refused. Upon infestation, the Yeerk controlling his wife threatened to have Melissa infested unless Chapman became a host. Chapman then met with Esplin 9466, now known as Visser Three;[4] while Chapman did not remember him,[2] the Visser still did.[6] Since Visser Three wanted Chapman to be a host body to one of his lieutenants, Chapman offered a deal: he would become a voluntary host to a Yeerk that would do the Visser's bidding, so long as the Yeerks never infested Melissa. Visser Three, despite not being one to readily make deals with hosts,[6] agreed to these terms. Chapman was then infested by a Yeerk named Iniss 226.[4]

Chapman Host Rebellion GN2

Chapman then watched from within as Iniss used his body to recruit children to The Sharing, the front organization the Empire was using to recruit children and adults to become voluntary hosts.[5] In 1997,[8] Chapman watched as Iniss held a meeting with Visser Three, where the Visser demanded that Iniss bring Melissa for infestation. Chapman then began to fight for control of the body, which began with slight facial muscle twitches before Chapman was able to seize control of his legs. Iniss was able to regain control after a short while and keep Chapman at bay, although Chapman informed Iniss that he would try again in a few days. However, realizing that his cover would be blown if Chapman seized partial control of the body in public, Iniss decided not to bring Melissa to Visser Three.

Chapman (GN2)

Iniss then drove them to the abandoned construction site, where Visser Three demanded to know where Melissa was. Chapman mentally asked Iniss to relinquish control of the body so that he could speak to the Visser directly. Iniss relayed the request to Visser Three, who gave permission. As Iniss transferred control, Chapman struggled to stand up and also initially struggled to speak. Chapman then reminded Visser Three of their deal; Visser Three responded that the situation had changed and that the Chapman identity was important to their invasion. Chapman then declared that Melissa was not a threat to their invasion but that he was, promising to keep fighting for Melissa's sake. Iniss then regained control and Visser Three agreed to leave Melissa uninfested.[4]

Around two years later, Chapman was kidnapped by the Animorphs, where they tortured him. However, Iniss was able to break free before he could suffer Kandrona starvation and escaped.[9] In 2000, the Animorphs destroyed Chapman's house when they drove a tank through it. Not too long after, Chapman was once again kidnapped by the Animorphs; this time, Jake threatened to kill Chapman unless Erek King obeyed his wishes.[10]

It is unknown what happened to Chapman afterwards, but given that the Yeerk Empire surrendered and the Andalite-Human-Yeerk War came to an end, it is likely that Iniss 226 left Chapman, restoring Chapman's autonomy and independence.


"This human was like a Skrit Na — self-serving, greedy, and very, very strange. [...] All the Skrit Na care about is owning and possessing things. And it seemed the human Chapman was the very same way."

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  • Despite being an assistant/vice principal, Chapman is considered a valuable host body to Esplin 9466/Visser Three, who specifically assigned him to one of his lieutenants, Iniss 226. Esplin often spoke about capturing the Andalite bandits and giving them as host bodies to his lieutenants, proving that the host bodies he gives to his lieutenants are of prestige. Unlike other human hosts who are valued for their occupation, Chapman seems to be valued for his personal identity; it is for this reason that, despite being a vice principal, Iniss/Chapman is assigned to carry out hit-and-runs as well as to act alongside U.S. military officials. These are all tasks required of a lieutenant, but rather than being given a human host body suitable for these tasks, Chapman is considered prestigious enough to serve as a host body to a Visser's lieutenant.
    • It is highly likely that this is because Esplin 9466 values Chapman, as Chapman was the one who willingly worked alongside Esplin in the 1970s and even allowed Esplin to infest him; he also played a key role in allowing Esplin to infest the Andalite Alloran-Semitur-Corrass, thereby making Esplin the first Andalite-Controller and setting him on the path to success and promotions. While Chapman himself does not remember these events as his memory was wiped, Esplin 9466 still does. In addition, Esplin personally sought out Chapman when he arrived on Earth, and when Chapman refused to be infested initially, Esplin brokered a deal with him; Chapman would serve as a host to one of his lieutenants in exchange for them sparing his daughter Melissa. Throughout his reign, Esplin 9466 only made deals with key individuals who could help him personally, while refusing to make deals whatsoever with anyone else. Esplin would not have made such a deal just to get some vice principal infested, let alone serve as a host body to a lieutenant; him being willing to agree to spare Melissa thus speaks to Esplin's personal desire to have Chapman himself in his inner circle, potentially as a means to retain what was once his greatest ally.


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