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Animorphs hawk rescue

The game's icon on the official site.

Hawk Rescue is a browser-based flash game originally offered on the official Animorphs web site. It requires installation of Shockwave 7.0 to run. On a PC, it works best with the Firefox browser.

Official Instructions[]

Hawk rescue intro screen instructions

First screen of the game which gives you the game's instructions

Click the left mouse button to fire maple-flavored OATMEAL, make the ENEMY disappear, and earn points.

Replenish your POWER by grabbing barrels of oatmeal. Keep your keen hawk eyes on the lookout for KEYS. Grab keys with your talons by flying directly over them. You'll need 4 keys to release the Animorphs. While you're playing, be careful not to move the mouse too much or you won't be able to control the hawk. If you're firing, but no ammo is coming out, you probably need to move our mouse so you're back in the game screen. Now get flying cause the clock's ticking!


Level Enemies New enemy Scenery
One Yeerks
Yeerk from Hawk Rescue game
Two Yeerks, Taxxons
Taxxon from hawk rescue game
Three Yeerks, Taxxons, Hork-Bajir
Hork-Bajir from hawk rescue game
Four Yeerks, Taxxons, Hork-Bajir, Blade ship
Blade ship from hawk rescue game
Hawk rescue oops you ran out of power youll have to start level again

If you run out of power or run into an enemy, you will see this screen and will have to restart the level.

For each level, you can grab barrels of oatmeal by flying over them, and you can use the spacebar to make enemies disappear. If you run into enemies you will lose power and have to start the level over again. When you come across a key and pick it up, you pass the level and go on to the next.

Each level adds one more enemy - the first level just has one enemy, Yeerks, and the fourth and last level has four enemies - Yeerks, Taxxons, Hork-Bajir, and Blade Ships.

Once you find the last key in Level 4, you've made it to the Yeerk Pool. You have one minute to unscramble the four keys to spell an animal's name (such as WOLF, DOVE, FISH, or TICK) to unlock the cell and free the Animorphs. When you successfully unscramble the word, you have won Hawk Rescue.


Four Levels[]

End of Game - Unscramble the keys[]