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"News that the Yeerks had attacked and seized a Hawjabran colony ship. They had attempted to infest the Hawjabrans, but had failed because Hawjabran brains are not centralized, but spread in small nodes throughout their bodies."

Hawjabran Colony Ships are massive spaceships built and used by the Hawjabrans to settle on a planet or moon for colonization.


"They had left the Hawjabrans to die. Their ship's life support had been knocked out in the attack. An Andalite courier had come across the ship, drifting, with eight thousand Hawjabrans frozen in the vacuum of space."

Early in the Andalite-Yeerk War, a Hawjabran Colony Ship was ambushed by the Yeerks who attempted to infest the Hawjabran crews and passengers. After learning the Hawjabrans couldn't become Controllers thanks to their numerous nervous nodes, the Yeerks ejected the entire 8,000 Hawjabran colonists into the vacuum of space. The ship and the entire frozen 8,000 Hawjabran colonists were later discovered by an Andalite courier passing through that sector.[1]



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