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"Maybe I was wrong. Maybe different races can be stronger together. Go with your humans and prove me wrong."
―T.O. Hareli to Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill[src]

Hareli-Frodlin-Sirinial was the tactical officer on board the Andalite assault ship Ascalin.


"I couldn't help but picture the tactical officer in those horrible moments after the captain had struck and cut away his tail. I hadn't liked T.O. Harelin. He seemed to me like too many older officers: full of prejudices and arrogance. But he had been a true Andalite. He had died a hero."

The Animorphs first encountered T.O. Hareli when they found themselves on board the Andalite assault ship Ascalin. Hareli was dismissive of the humans and was aghast when he found out that Elfangor broke the law of Seerow's Kindness. Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill remarked that Hareli was very prejudiced and arrogant, proven when Hareli attempted to convince Ax that different species cannot fight well together. However, when captain Samilin-Corrath-Gahar cut off Hareli's tail, rendering him a vecol, and then announced that he was loyal to Visser Four and the Yeerk Empire, Hareli disintegrated Samilin with a Shredder.

Not wanting the Andalites on board to face infestation, Hareli planned to destroy the ship, thus killing all Andalites on board. Since the Animorphs had morphs small enough to escape the destruction, Hareli ordered Ax and the humans to use their morphs to get word of Samilin's treachery to Commander Galuit-Enilon-Esgarrouth, and with his last words, asked Ax to work with the humans and prove his prejudices wrong.[1]


  • Hareli's name is given as Hareli-Frodlin-Sirinial in its first two appearances in chapters 12 and 14 of The Decision. However, from chapter 15 through the end of the book, he is instead referred to as Harelin-Frodlin-Sirinial.