Biographical information
Gender Male
Affiliation Iskoort Guild of Traders
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Attack
Last appearance The Attack
"I am a Trader, a probationary member of the Guild of Traders. I am not interested in violence and killing and slaughter."


"It's a deal, Guide. But if I understand what you've told me, our memories would make you very, very rich. So this is it. If we live, you get to copy our memories. And you don't ask for anything else, and you advance us whatever we need."
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When the Animorphs were sent to fight seven Howlers on behalf of the Ellimist to defend the Iskoort, Guide was assigned as their literal guide around the Iskoort city, in exchange for several inches of Rachel's hair. Although Guide initially asked for the last half-foot of Ax's tail as additional payment, a later threat was enough to convince him to only make requests to buy other things from the Animorphs every half-hour or so.