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Rachel morphing into a grizzly bear

"Six feet tall, seven, more. Muscles on muscles. Bones so thick they could have been dinosaur fossils. Matted fur that was like a suit of armor. I was power made flesh. The most powerful land predator on planet Earth. I was a grizzly bear."

The grizzly bear, also known as the North American brown bear, is a subspecies of the brown bear native to North America. It was Rachel's primary battle morph, replacing her African elephant morph.


"I was thinking about flying out to The Gardens, to the zoo. Maybe acquiring some new morph. Something really strong and mean in case we get into a fight down there. A lion. Or a grizzly bear or something."
Rachel to Tobias[src]

This is the only primary battle morph of one of the six core Animorphs that was not acquired in The Invasion. Rachel acquired the grizzly bear in The Stranger, set in 1997, when she was informed that the Animorphs would be revisiting the Yeerk pool. Deciding to upgrade her battle morph from an African elephant, she flew out to The Gardens at night and entered the grizzly enclosure, electing to acquire the male grizzly, whom she awakened.[1]

In an alternate timeline, Marco acquired a grizzly bear.[2] Later in The Ultimate, set in 2000, despite Rachel's jealously, Julio acquired a grizzly morph as well.[3]


The Stranger Illustration

Rachel in grizzly bear morph.

"My favorite morph was the grizzly bear. Seven feet tall standing erect. You cannot imagine the power, especially when united with human intelligence and knowledge. Compared to my grizzly morph a human being is like something made out of glued-together Popsicle sticks. How many times have I felt that change as muscle piles on muscle, as the thick brown fur covers me, as the rail spike claws grow from my fingers? The grizzly bear and I had been through a lot together."

This morph quickly replaced the African elephant as Rachel's main battle morph.[1] It was her favorite and her most used morph.[4] In an alternate timeline, Marco began morphing into the bear until Marco took his place, who then promptly demorphed.[2]


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