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Jake morphed as a green anole lizard

"I did it Monday morning in my locker at school. I turned into a lizard. A green anole, to be exact. It's a member of the iguana family."

The green anole is a type of lizard native to Earth and was Jake's second acquired morph.


"I remembered the way we had caught the lizard the night before last. We'd spotted it with a flashlight, and Cassie had put a bucket over it so it couldn't get away. It had been fairly creepy, just touching it to acquire its DNA pattern."

In The Invasion, set in 1997,[1] Jake elected to spy on their vice principal Hedrick Chapman and asked Cassie if there was an animal at her farm's Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic that would work. Cassie informed him that there was a wild green anole lizard at the barn, but that it wasn't a patient. The pair spent that night looking for the lizard; upon finding it, Jake acquired it, making it his second morph acquisition.[2]


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Jake morphing into a green anole lizard

"I could just imagine that scene... Sorry I skipped class, Mr. Chapman, but I've been in this lizard body, watching you because I know you're a Controller and part of a giant alien conspiracy to take over the earth. I would have laughed, only lizards can't laugh. So I just followed Chapman as he marched down the hall."

The green anole lizard was a morph that Jake only used once. On a Monday morning[2] Jake went to school and skipped class, waiting for the hallway to clear before entering his locker. Once inside, he morphed into the green anole lizard and tried to make his way to Hedrick Chapman's office, with the intent being that he would spy on Chapman in his office until he overheard something of significance. While struggling to locate Chapman's office, Jake came across a spider and was unable to prevent his lizard brain from swallowing the spider whole. Disgusted, he planned to demorph, although not before spotting Chapman, who stepped on Jake's lizard tail, which snapped off as Jake tried to run. Jake then decided to follow Chapman; however, rather than his office, Chapman led Jake to the school's secret entrance to the Yeerk pool. Jake then made his way to safety and quickly demorphed,[2] and the experience of eating a spider soured the lizard morph so much that he elected to never use the morph again.[3]


Known Morphers[]


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  1. The Andalite Chronicles is said to take place 10 years after the 1966 Yeerk exodus of The Hork-Bajir Chronicles and 21 years before Elfangor met the Animorphs. This places it in 1976, meaning the Animorphs met Elfangor in 1997.
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