Cassie in owl morph.

"It's a great horned owl. It flies without making a sound. Tobias watches them hunt sometimes. Tobias says they can hear a mouse burp from a hundred yards away. He says they can see a bug blink on a coal-black night. As far as that owl is concerned, you might as well have a spotlight on you."
Jake to Temrash 114[src]

The Great Horned Owl is the primary nocturnal bird morph used by most of the original Animorphs.


"We've both acquired owl morphs. We used them to guard Jake when he was taken by the Yeerk. Great horned owls."
Cassie to Rachel[src]

Cassie and Rachel acquired great horned owl morphs in The Capture, while Jake, Marco and Ax acquired them in The Secret. Gafinilan-Estrif-Valad also acquired an owl morph in The Other, although it was not specified if his owl morph was a great horned owl.


"I quickly ran through a list of possible morphs. I had to be able to fly. And it was night. I focused my mind on the image of a great horned owl."

Originally used by Cassie and Rachel to guard Jake while he was infested by Temrash 114, the great horned owl morph quickly became the Animorphs' usual nocturnal bird morph, due to the fact that owls possess night time vision akin to the daytime vision their bird-of-prey morphs possess. Tobias is the only one of the core six not to have an owl morph, possibly due to the fact that he cannot easily acquire other birds in his hawk form.


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