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For her predecessor, see Governor of California (1997)

"Parasitic aliens are invading Earth. And my husband is controlled by one."
"Yeah. Basically, that's the story."
"Thank God. I was beginning to think something much, much worse was happening. Aliens we can fight."
―Governor and Marco[src]

The governor was the state governor of California. In 2000, Jake sent Marco, Tobias and Ax to convince her of the Andalite-Yeerk War and to get her to use her authority to prevent Visser One's plans of mass-infesting the United States National Guard. After her life is saved, the governor reveals the Yeerk invasion to the general public.


Plea for Help[]

"Call every officer on this list. Some of them will be Controllers. Some won't. But if you can get enough non-Controllers to listen to you, Visser One's operation will collapse."
Marco to the Governor[src]

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An Extraterrestrial Revelation[]

"I won't beat around the bush. I have declared a state of emergency. I repeat: a state of emergency. This is not martial law. Our police, and even our National Guard forces, cannot be trusted. The news media cannot be trusted. You may not even be able to trust your friends or your own family. I know this sounds fantastic. Like something out of Hollywood. But by now you've seen the news footage. You know what I'm telling you is true. Our state, our nation, our entire world is under attack. But we are already fighting back. I have requested help from Washington, and the president has agreed to send U.S. troops."
―The Governor addressing the nation[src]

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"The governor was sent away to a rehab center. Something about drugs or losing her mind."
Captain Olston to Jake[src]

After revealing the Yeerk invasion to the public, the Yeerks took the governor, with the public story to explain her disappearance being that she had been sent to a rehab center due to drugs causing her to lose her mind.[1]


"You scared of heights, Governor?"
"As opposed to what? Bullets? Laser beams that vaporize solid concrete? A bridge that might collapse under me at any moment? Let's do it."
Marco and The Governor[src]

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