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Biographical information
Species Andalite
Gender Male
Occupation Pilot
Commander (formerly)
Affiliation Unit 0
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Arrival
Last appearance The Arrival
The Deception (indirectly mentioned)
"It might have been no great loss if the Ralek River were destroyed, but a pilot like Gonrod, insufferable as he might be, was a treasure."

Gonrod-Isfall-Sonilli is an Andalite pilot and was the commander of Unit 0 and Ralek River, until he was relieved of his duty by Arbat-Elivat-Estoni.


Promise of Pardon[]

"Yes, you see, Aristh Aximili, I am not a hero of the people. But at least I am not a coward."
"Are you saying I am?"
"You? No, I meant Gonrod. He was in the same prison as me, though he faced a lesser sentence. His crime was cowardice under fire. We were offered the promise of pardon if we successfully completed this mission."
Aloth-Attamil-Gahar and Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill[src]

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Mission on Earth[]

"I was briefed before we began this mission. I know you were involved in the war on Leera. I also know that an entire ship full of Andalite warriors died and that you and your humans survived. Now, I asked, human, how many warriors do you command?"
"Those warriors on Leera died because of —"
"We were on Leera. Let's leave it at that. I don't want to bring up anything embarrassing. No point. But you'll understand if I say that I'm not prepared to discuss my forces with you. Not yet."
―Gonrod, Ax and Jake[src]

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"I thought it best to retreat for strategic reasons."

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