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"You don't want to be a golden eagle. They're jerks. They go after other birds. Not to mention anything from a rabbit to a small deer. And I'm not kidding about the deer. I saw a golden eagle take down a young doe. Sank those talons right into the back of her head, boom, she went down like she'd been shot."
Tobias to David[src]

The golden eagle is one of the largest and fastest raptors on Earth. A North American golden eagle was acquired by David and served as his raptor morph.


"You just put your hand in very slowly. Now press your palm against the bird's shoulder. Focus your mind. See the eagle in your imagination. Think about him, what he is, what he represents. Now take your hand away. You now have the golden eagle inside you. His DNA is in your blood. You can become him."
Cassie to David[src]

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"I want to do the eagle. [...] If I'm in a war, I want to kick butt."
"It isn't always about sheer power. That golden eagle is as big as a bald eagle, and we have problems sometimes with Rachel being a bald eagle because of the size."
David and Jake[src]

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Known Morphers[]