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"From my memory I called up the brief bit I'd read about squid. They had sharp, parrot-like beaks and eight arms covered with grasping, needle-toothed suckers. And two long, powerful tentacles that worked to grab prey at a distance and draw it toward the arms and mouth. It occurred to me that I didn't know how whales killed squid. But I could more than imagine how squid killed whales."

The giant squid is a deep-ocean dwelling species native to Earth, and is one of the largest living organisms on the planet. It was acquired and morphed by all six Animorphs in The Exposed.


"I kept the now-helpless squid on the surface as Jake, Cassie, Marco, Ax, and finally Tobias acquired it. It wasn't easy. It wasn't exactly a party, as human and Andalite and hawk wallowed in the waves, pressing hands and talons against the rubbery creature. Fortunately the squid responded normally to being acquired. It grew calm and peaceful."

Rachel and Tobias encountered a giant squid in the deep ocean in The Exposed. After nearly killing Rachel, Tobias is able to snag the squid and the six Animorphs acquire it.


The six Animorphs in giant squid morph, locating the Pemalite ship.

"Squid. We can morph a giant squid! Giant squid dive really deep. And they have arms, so we could maybe get into the Pemalite ship."

The Animorphs used the giant squid morphs in order to reach the Pemalite ship in The Exposed. Once on board, the ship created water bubbles for them so that they could traverse the ship while in morph. When the Yeerks arrived, the Animorphs used their squid ink to shroud the bubbles, allowing them to demorph and remorph into battle morphs.


Known Morphers