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"In exchange for agreeing, we, the Council, would offer you immunity for all secondary crimes. We only want the truth of the major charge, Edriss, the charge that you have delayed the invasion of Earth by incompetence or for reasons of sympathy with the host population. We have no interest in minor rule breaking."
―Garoff to Edriss 562[src]

Garoff is a high-ranking Yeerk and the mentor of Edriss 562, as well as a member of the Council of Thirteen. He served as their spokesperson and was responsible for Yeerk counterintelligence. In 1999, he presided over the trial of Edriss 562 and Esplin 9466.


"The member responsible for counterintelligence. So. He would be speaking for the Council throughout my trial. Which meant his opinion would count for a very great deal. Garoff also controlled the security troops ringing Visser Three and me. A word from him would send Hork-Bajir slashing into us."
Edriss 562[src]

As the counterintelligence officer in the Council of Thirteen, Garoff presided over the trial of Edriss 562 and Esplin 9466. In order to verify the allegations made against Edriss, he sifted through her memories, discovering that she had become addicted to humans and human life, having procreated and given birth to human children, named Darwin and Madra. Despite these being crimes punishable by death, Garoff continued on with the trial, asking Edriss to finish her defense, with her host Eva correctly deducing that Garoff was on her side and did not want her to be punished. At the end of the trial, Garoff sentences both Edriss and Esplin to death, but suspends the charges since they have no one to replace Esplin on Earth; however, he assigns Edriss to the Anati homeworld, warning both vissers that failure to conquer their respective planets would warrant their death sentences being carried out.[1]