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"I'm a member of the highest circles, so I know all about your escapades on Earth. Yours and Elfangor's. Very disappointed in Elfangor. Although, by the galaxy, your brother could fight! I don't know how you came to be here with these humans of yours, but it is a stroke of luck! We need you."
―Prince Galuit to Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill[src]

Force Commander Prince Galuit-Enilon-Esgarrouth is an Andalite Prince and the Commander of the Andalite forces on Leera. He enlisted the help of the Jake, Ax, Marco and Cassie to prevent Leera from being controlled by the Yeerk Empire in The Decision.



"Force Commander Prince Galuit-Enilon-Esgarrouth lost his entire family to a Yeerk raid on an Andalite outpost. His entire family: wife and three children. They died rather than be captured. Their bodies were fed to the Taxxons. We can trust Prince Galuit."
Ax to the Animorphs[src]

At some point during the Andalite-Yeerk War, Galuit's wife and three kids, who lived on an Andalite outpost, were killed due to a Yeerk raid and their bodies fed to Taxxons. This intensified Galuit's drive to defeat the Yeerk Empire and also made him trustworthy when Andalites such as Samilin-Corrath-Gahar were defecting to the Empire. As a Prince in the highest intelligence circles, he was made aware of the Animorphs presence on Earth as well as the fact that Elfangor had broken the law of Seerow's Kindness, most likely something he obtained from Lirem-Arrepath-Terrouss, who was informed by Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill in The Alien.[1]

Defending Leera

"Why us? Why do you need us to go in and arm this switch?"
"We have few Andalites here on the planet now. And none who possess the wide array of morphs you have. All Andalite warriors are morph-capable. But few acquire morphs or use them. That is mostly done by our people in intelligence. Spies. But you four may be able to penetrate the Yeerk forces."
Marco and Prince Galuit[src]

Galuit was the Commander of the Andalite forces on Leera, and worked with the Leerans to prevent their homeworld from being conquered by the Yeerks. Since the Leerans were content with their underwater cities and were willing to sacrifice their land mass, the Andalites send a drove of forces to the continent, knowing that the Yeerks would kill them, in a bid to lull the Yeerks into a false sense of victory. Galuit has explosives placed on the continent, with the detonator being placed in a "bright hole", and planned for the Yeerks to land on the planet's surface en masse, at which point he would detonate the surface charges.

Due to Samilin-Corrath-Gahar's treachery, the Ascalin failed to provide the backup needed, and thus the planet was nearly lost to the Yeerk Empire. Samilin's treachery prompted Ax to conclude that Galuit was the only Andalite in a position of authority on the planet that could be trusted, as his personal history made it unlikely that he would willingly work with the Yeerks and if he was a Controller the battle would be over already. Upon realizing that the Animorphs were on the planet as well, Galuit convinced Jake to detonate the charges for them, since the Andalites did not possess the morphs necessary. Galuit remarks to Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill that he has seen worse princes than Jake, and is seemingly impressed by Jake's determination.[1]