Gah Fillat
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Esplin 9466 (formerly)





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The Hork-Bajir Chronicles

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The Hork-Bajir Chronicles


Killed by the Quantum Virus

"I am Gah Fillat. You are Dak Hamee. You are different."
―Gah Fillat[src]

Gah Fillat was a Hork-Bajir who was Esplin 9466's third Hork-Bajir host body, and fourth overall. He was the first Hork-Bajir killed by the Quantum Virus on the Hork-Bajir homeworld.


Freed from Yeerk Enslavement

"My host body, free now, drew back one arm and brought it down on the neck of one of my guards. My warrior dropped like a stone. The other warrior spun around, but too slow, too clumsy. My former host dispatched him, too."
Esplin 9466[src]


"It was Gah. He was in the tree above us, in the high branches. He was swinging down to meet us. He was carrying the canister. He had retrieved it from the branches above. He had known that it was important. He was bringing it to us. [...] There was nothing I could do. As I watched in horror, his face twisted, his eyes bulged."
Dak Hamee[src]
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